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JUST SIT (2 ways to meditate).

There are a million ways
but I find I use two

First, I sit


1. I let my mind go where it wants,
where it will
It journeys many many places
big & small
& then
after ten minutes
or so, it returns & goes,
"Oh, that was nice,
here I am"

2. I use a technique, say, focusing
on my breathing,
to corral my thoughts by controlling
my body
& then
after ten minutes or so
the technique relaxes
by itself & goes
"Here you are"

Whichever way I choose for that morning
either freedom from technique
(unless freedom is a technique)
or technique

I find myself
after ten minutes
or so
in the same exact place
of peace, gatheredness, quiet,
stillness, clearness


So, it must be the sitting

Just sit

Kafka said something about
if you just stay in one place
just sit
the whole world will come to your door
will pass by

I believe meditation is like that
& one day
I will pass me by
& go "Hi"
& nod