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Little Girl from Jamestown
Elizabth Ann Totherow

One day back in April
In a town named for James
A little girl was born
Elizabeth Ann was her name

On Prendergast she lived
The oldest of three
A girl born of means
Doctor’s daughter was she

As the little girl walked
Along the shores of the lake
Had she any idea
The difference she’d make

Did she know that she’d live
Not on one coast but two
As well as the place
Where the tall corn grows true

Could this little girl know
All the help she’d impart
An assist for the old
For the young a head start

Did she know that she’d have
Not one boy but two
And a daughter named Ann
Who would share her name too

No way could she know
The impression passed on
To her only daughter
Then to daughter’s only son

Or how the memories would linger
Of treats in her purse
Boxes of cookies and crackers
Trident bubble gum to burst

Could this little girl know
After a hard day at the store
The delight that she’d bring
Constructing crafts on the floor

This little girl would become
A great matriarch she
Six grandkids would sprout
From the seeds of her tree

As grandchildren grew
Marking heights on the door
Great-grandkids were added
First four then two more

No matter how old
A little girl would she be
Who signed all her cards
“Love Ya Bushels, Gram T”

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