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Published by The US Review of Books
Book Review REQUIEM FOR DOCTOR EDWARD BROWNE reviewed by Deborah Straw "A sense of security in his [Dr. Browne's] pursuits, confidence he was part of something greater than...
Published by Computer Shopper, New York
John Frazier Dobson. “Your Health vs. Your PC.” Computer Shopper, New York, Oct 1997. "CRS: Computer-Related Syndrome: The Prevention and Treatment of Computer-related Injuries"...
Published by VOGUE: London
Startling research from University College London suggests most regular users of computer keyboards will eventually develop some nerve damage in their arms. To avoid becoming yet...
Published by New England Journal of Medicine 325 (1992) 1387.
This book is a valuable contribution to the history of medicine and to literary history. It is delightfully written, with scholarly depth, and the author has an excellent sense of...
Published by Choice: Journal of Popular Culture. 27 (1992) 237-238
Herman Melville continues to be the most complex American author of the 19th century, and indeed one of the wonders of literature of the period in English. As such he continues to...
The Rise and Fall of Managed Care.jpg
Published by Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
Book Review Rise and Fall of Managed Care; a comprehensive history of a mass medical movement. Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. September 2001, Vol. 39 No. 01...