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POOL: It's Mental, It's Physical, Its Mystical
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Sports and Recreation
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Sports and Recreation

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Once a player masters the basics of pool, mental aspects become paramount. Even expert players are plagued by the game's mental demands. I look at the game from the point of view of the player striving to improve his/her game faced with the importance of the mental aspects of playing before spectators, competitive and performance stress, as well as strange and mystical occurrences within the confines of the green abyss of a pool table. I explore and interpret ways these mental and metaphysical aspects of the game operate in all players, and some that are beyond explanation: they are MYSTICAL. 


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About Richard

The author received medical education at Kansas University Medical Center, and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in internal medicine and rheumatology, and holds memberships in a number of professional societies and board certifications. He was Assistant Clinical Professor of...

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