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Jean Kendrick, a champion billiard player taught by DeadSTRoke, a grandmaster at billiards, was unable to win on the Women's Professional Billiard Tour: something held her back, and she returned to Rispah Junction. A young charismatic player, Corky, arrives with a beautiful young prostitute, Floppsie. The denizens of the poolroom don't trust Corky who is captivated by Jean....
Dr. Browne’s associate, Dr. Forbes Q. Hazzig, becomes a zealot for a ‘managed care revolution,’ i.e., cutthroat marketplace medicine. Browne and Dr. Kennes receive irrational, conflicting information from healthcare experts. Propaganda urging doctors into managed care does not make sense. Eld Krone counsels Browne, that rhetoric of a mass movement must be as erroneous as possible,...
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Captain Noon, in his last year atcollege, sleeps till noon. He dreams of being a pilot. Time and opportunitiesslip away in procrastination. The narrator, his father, recalls his ownfather’s instructions, “play for keeps,” and the head of his high school“hoe-out your row.” Get on with it. Finish what you do. A distant cousin Athorn in the side of members of the family, Nora lives...
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Coping with difficult, distrustful people.
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Managed medical care, an irrational value-oriented medical mass movement, grew beyond its inherent worth, which was nil. Common sense and good judgment went out the window long ago. Satire attacks such mass madness, a mass hysteria: the function of satire when common sense, the press, academia, and regulatory agencies fail.
The Rise and Fall of Managed Care.jpg
A detailed history of the managed health care movement as recorded by Dr. Smith provides insight into the current turmoil in the medical profession. Relating physician behavior to the social psychology of mass movement gives us an understanding of the initial acceptance of the negative effects of managed care.
Analysis of a typical irrational, value mass movement.
Dealing with difficult, distrustful people.
If you're one of the millions who use computers at work or at home, the hours you spend in front of the monitor could be giving you a pain in the neck, back, hand, wrist, or arm. If so, you may be suffering from CRS. Tightness, stiffness, and pain of the upper extremities are common complaints of writers and computer users. Carpal tunnel pain, repetitive strain injuries,...
ˆThe conflict of religion and science in the mid-19th century reflected in the works of Herman Melville.
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MELVILLE'S COMPLAINT: Doctors and Medicine in the Art of Herman Melville (Garland Studies in Nineteenth Century American Literature)
Captain Noon! Captain Noon!
Captain Noon is in his last year at college. He sleeps till noon, he dreams of being a pilot. Time and opportunities slip away in procrastination. The narrator, his father, recalls his own father's instructions, "play for keeps," and the head of his high school "hoe-out your row." Get on with it. Finish what you do. A distant cousin Nora put off life and never...