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Historical Fiction of medical care in the late decades of the 20th century, how it became a mass hysteria that follows the course of an irrational mass movement.

The 'healthcare' debate includes many cogent opinions expressed in the daily news media, also many shortsighted, opinionated, self-serving statements that must be confusing and bewildering to the public. Congress is pressed to urgently pass legislation that runs to several thousand pages and will likely increase. Few in medicine today and fewer of the public are aware of how we got to this point. "Requiem for Doctor Edward Browne" was written over the past 12 years and covers the latter decades of the 20th century and up to the time of the present debate. Dr. Browne is a primary care physician who doubts the exaggerated claims of the healthcare insurance industry that was promoted by a mass of 'consultants' and academic experts, all far removed from their subject: patient care. Background for "Requiem" comes from four previously published books on managed care, and "The Circus of Medicine," a satire of the con-men and con-women, hustlers, and shills of the healthcare consulting industrial complex, in addition to the 'error of supinity' or lack of inquiry of the the US Supreme Court. Browne's wife is an art historian who must deal with similar issues in her position with the city's art museum. Their daughter asks Browne questions he can't answer. Browne and his compatriot Dr. Matthew Kennes investigate how managed care became a national hysteria and illogical mass movement. They must confront powerful influences who are determined to destroy Drs. Kennes and Browne to preserve their empire.