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Things I Know for Sure
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Life offers us many opportunities to learn, grow, feel and know. We have to pay attention and be open to receive its offerings. Our duty is to continue to evolve and become our highest self, while living in the "now", making memories along the way and most importantly, connecting with others. Keeping things in perspective is helpful on the journey and this list is instrumental in that.  There is nothing new under the sun(not even that statement), some of these words and phrases on my list of "Things I Know for Sure" didn't originate with me they are from various sources I have read over the years, but I have found them to be truer than true. This is an updated version from something I wrote in 2010.

Things I know for sure:

1) Life is finite

2) The same things that make you happy can(and likely will) make you sad

3) There is an ebb and flow to everything

4) The same people you see going up, you'll see the same folks on the way down

5) Not all people who "befriend you" have your best interest at heart

6) We must keep our friends close and our enemies closer

7) Peace of mind is worth more than money

8) Time is precious

9) People who love you and care about you show it(not just say it)

10) Time reveals all things

11) Not one of us is without sin or poor judgment( it behooves us to be mindful of that when we judge others)

12) "Keep it moving" is one of the best things you can do sometimes.

13) People will hate on you for no reason

14) Real friends will tell you when you are right and when you are wrong but will love you anyway

15) With God and spiritual connection life is manageable and full

16) Everyone falls down at some point-the important thing is getting back up

17) Faith and fear cannot co-exist-(we have to choose one)

18) This moment is all we ever really have

19) To whom much is given, much is expected

20) Vulnerability connects us to self and others

21) Life ain't always fair and neither is "favor"

22) Not everyone you date is meant to be the "one"(some come to show us something or teach us lessons)

23) Love is the end all be all...


Rhonda Frost co-author of, Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? How to Think Like a Lady and Still Get the Man and the upcoming book  Is Married the New Single? The Truth About the American Dream, a writer, serial dater, relationship blogger, political observer, news junkie, mom, perpetual student and spiritual seeker.