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A Testimony Worth Sharing

 By Rhonda Frost (Notes)

This testimony had to be shared (again). This amazing and courageous woman read our book Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? and because of that, she left an abusive marriage and saved herself and her children. She found us on Facebook and the rest is herstory (or history).  I first saw her post on Shanae's (my daughter and co-author) Facebook page and the following day she sent a message to me.  I/we were humbled and moved to tears reading her message. This is a repost from Facebook March 31, 2011. 

From: Jacqueline Gayden

"Shanae Hall dear sister, know that the conversation with you back in December has played a role in a major transformation in my life. I love you and your Mom dearly. I am loving ME 1st, remembering my power and enjoying life one day at a time. My God continue to bless the both of you abundantly beyond measure."

 Then this brave woman sent this to me in a Facebook message~

  • Jacqueline Gayden
    • "Thank you so much for the add. It is both an honor and a pleasure to be writin this heartfelt sentiment to you direct.... I won't rehash the details of my entire testimony of triumph here. I simply want to again reiterate my deepest gratitude to you...as well. Your daughter personally replied to an IM message in the wee hours of the night & in a very dark hr....the Lord used her to speak to me...all I heard was, "itz time 4 U to get up too daughter." My abusive marriage of 14 yrs/3 children took me from top Exec all the way to financial ruin, contemplation of suicide and even a short mental hospital stint. My pride and shame from tolerating the abuse and adultery for so long kept me oppressed and in a prison I created for myself. Your story(s) encouraged me to 'Get Up, speak up, leave existing and embrace the will to began living again for my children and most importantly for me. If God could pull Shanae thru her very public divorce(talked about in the book)...I KNEW one sweet day He would do the same for me. I haven't laid down since. My shadow is having a hard time keepin up with me. Appreciate the opportunity to share. I bless God for the both of you....& KNOW its absolutely worth it!!!!!"


      Rhonda Frost(my response to her on Facebook)

      Ms. Jacqueline, your testimony brought me to tears. I could feel your hurt, pain, and recovery. The fact that our book inspired you to get out of an abusive marriage is more than humbling. The fact that Shanae responded in the wee hours, was not by accident. We used to say, if even one woman could "get it", hear the lessons and change, then the book has done it's job and so have we. Well, we are honored to know it has helped, inspired and touched thousands of women. I am so glad that you took the time to let us know and more importantly to save yourself and your children. No time for looking back, or for shame or guilt, you have a life to live young lady and children to raise. Amazing days ahead! Please keep us posted on your life. If you get the time, please post a comment/review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, testimonies like this matter. We love you just as much. Believe it! God is at work, no doubt!

 There is power in words. Our books purpose is manifesting daily.

Ms. Jacqueline's testimony is beyond powerful. The fact that she left her abusive long term marriage, saved herself and her children after reading our book and hearing from Shanae in the wee hours is not a coincidence. I didn't want this review to get glossed over because this is what we are talking about everyday as we are out meeting people at book signings, talking on TV and on the radio.

Additional thoughts: our book  was written to inspire, to allow others to see our lessons and pain so that they wouldn't have to endure it and/or to help them get out of unhealthy situations. We exposed our lives in order to show others what we had been through, hoping they could see themselves in us. The book was not just some empty advice to make a dollar. It is our truth, our journey shared with the masses to uplift and empower. We said if it touched even one life, it was worth it. Three years later, we know it touched many more than that.

Update: Since the books release in 2010 much has happened.  We had to litigate to get our copyright back (I won't even go into those details), but we finally accomplished that in May 2013.  In spite of that the book still turned out to be a huge blessing to so many who read it. The media coverage was phenomenal and noteworthy for new authors in this genre. We were nominated for Best Self Help book in 2011 in the same category as Tyrese Gibson and other well known people, we also made the top 20 e-book list for aalbc.

Now that we have our book back in hand, we are finalizing the contract for a publishing deal with HCI Publishing house, the agency who actually published the record setting world reknowned Chicken Soup for The Soul books, which have sold in excess of 200 million copies. We are honored to be blessed to work with HCI and to have the opportunity to get our work  out there with such backing. Soon you will see the re-release of Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? it will have a slightly different look, a new Forward and a new chapter or two but the rest of the book will be the same. Our prayer is that it will continue to touch and change lives like it did for Ms. Gayden, Ms. Harvey and others, what a blessing that would be.