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New York is full of stories, and this one about Melissa Harding is true, except for the names.  I made those up.  You will find other stories on my web site: www.rhodabook.com.  This story and others will be included in the new book.  The working title is "Filed Under Miscellaneous" and...
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New York, 2006... My twenty-one-year-old granddaughter Ashley called me from New York last summer.  "You know how I've been working in the Village on a dog-sitting job?"  And without waiting for an answer, she plunged into her story. "Well, I've been taking care of a big, hairy...
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In 1930, a depression year-my sisters and brother, all older, worked to support the family. Fay worked as an elementary teacher in the Chicago Public Schools, Jeanne worked for an insurance company, Sara for a broker on LaSalle Street, my brother Al was a junior partner in a small law firm. I was...
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