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Self-Publish Sooner

I wish I could say I made a misstep, but actually I didn't.  When I received enough rejections from publishers to fill a wall in my room, I decided to self-publish.  I researched all the Print On Demand publishers and chose Book Surge because of their contact with Amazon.com.  I followed all the directions carefully, and I must say that Book Surge did a great job. 

What would I do differently if I could?  I would work harder on getting a publisher; I miss the distribution access and critical review possibilities that publishers provide, but places like Redroom help to fill in the gap.

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publishing misstep corrected

It sounds like the publishers were the ones who misstepped by overlooking the opportunity to publish your book and you actually corrected that misstep by moving forward with self-publication. The title is definitely intriguing and I like your cover too :-)

Founder of Creative Thinkers International
author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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publishing missteps

Thanks,  Aberjhani, for the kind words. 

How does one join Creative Thinkers International.  Guess I'll have to check out your Encyclopedia.  My connection inthe 50s and 60s was with Louis Armstrong's band (when he and his groupplayed in San Francisco).  I also hung out at Fatha Hines' place on Post Street. Of course, Harlem was Harlem, and no place in the world was like it, but we San Franciscans always thought of S.F.'s NorthBeach (my place) and Fillmore Street as Greenwich Village West.

The cover is a photo of a painting done by an artist in Hollywood who was also a famous film editor.  He called it "Portrait of Rhoda."

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Are you really 90, Rhoda?

Are you really 90, Rhoda? You don't look it.

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publishing missteps

Dear Ellen:

Yes, I was born in February, 1918, so I'm now on my way to 92. If I
had been born in China, I would be on my way to 93, since children in
China are one year old when born.

Thanks; I don't really know what 90 year-olds are supposed to look like. I know when I look in the mirror, I see an old person, and I
think, "so what?" I have to make continual adjustments to changes in my physical ability to climb stairs, to swim, etc., but life is still
a fascinating challenge.

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Funny thing about North Beach and Fillmore

I made the cultural connection through reading while actually living in SF during the early 80s but never through actual experience, even though City Lights Bookstore was one of my favorite hangouts. But perhaps that isn't much of a surprise at all because in those days I was a student at the New College of California and still playing with ideas of literature rather than exploring or implementing them as vigorously as I should have.

Thanks for your interest in Creative Thinkers International . I'll send you a message with a bit more about it.

author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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Self-Publish Sooner (Publishing Missteps)

Well, here we are again: you in the early 80s and me writing about the middle 40s and 50s.  How marvelous that we are connecting.  I didn't even know about the New College of California because at that time I was deep into conventional academia at the University of California Berkeley Extension as the originator of the TESOL Certificate program there.  TESOL is an anachronysim for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and iit is a teacher-training program.

I hope that "ideas of literature" is not connected to "de-constructivism" which I consider ********.  You can de-constuct it any way you wish.