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3 Laws of the Universe

The Ordains of a Pagan Minister

All though the laws or ordains of any of the 'Old Religion' are written down as doctrine with any explicit authority to say here are the truths of the ordains. In reality the the laws that are written about the 'Craft' are truly only about 60 years old and were written for main purpose of justifying beliefs of the religious belief system of the 'Craft' to those outside the craft. Therefore, it is important to understand that the beliefs of the Ordains that I prescribe here are what I believe, what I was taught, and what I prescribe to. The Old Religion is a religious belief system that believes in self empowerment and self fulfillment. It is interesting how “The Secret” has garnered such a following when the basic tenants of the Old Religion are drawn from the same sources.


The Old Religion some believe lead themselves back to Gnostic Texts; while others believe their a direct oral representation of Old Druidism oral laws handed down. It truly matters not where they come from, nor how they have evolved over the centuries, what is important is the tenants underlying the ordains of nearly every Pagan I have ever met is the same. They are a set of practical and mundane laws which are to be lived by not only spoken. A set of morals or a code of ethics in which to lead your life by. Every spiritual path known to man has prescribed to a set of moral ethics to live by. Some written in formal doctrine, some left for individual interpretation. They all boil down to what they believe as truths for their path. These truths are the ordains or tenants for their path. The Old Religion has the same such ordains.


No truth is absolute. We all live in a world of perceptions. Our perceptions are based upon what we have been taught, what we have experienced, and what we can perceive to be. There are three sides to every truth, my side, your side, and truth within the middle of the sides. It all depends upon my perception of life. Just as the age old question why is the sky blue? There will be as many answers as there are people. Each one of us need decided what the truth for us is to be.


Everything in the universe has a positive and negative. Opposites exists. If there is white one must accept that the opposite is black. If there is good there has to be a bad in order to have good exist. Positive and negative are neither good, bad, or evil. They just are. We must accept that there are opposites for everything in life for anything to exist.


Every decision has a consequence. For every decision that is made there is a resulting consequence to follow. Even if the decision is to sit and do nothing there is still a resulting consequence. Doing nothing is an action or a decision. Every decision is my responsibility. For every decision that is made I hold the responsibility for it. Whether it is believed to be true or not, every decision that is made is the ultimate responsibility of the person who makes it. Many refer to this as karma or the Law of Attraction. It is a reality. I can not hold another responsible for my decisions.


Within these few simple ordains that I live by, that I undertook as my path when I was ordained lie the code of ethics and morals in which I must live by. In my belief, the reality that every person must live by as they are the Laws of the Universe regardless of what spiritual path you walk. I have been blessed to be able to study beneath some of the most wonderful teachers, some of who are Pagan, some who are Methodist Ministers, some who are Buddhist, and some who are Native American. From each teacher the lesson was the same. It all boiled down to the Laws of the Universe as stated above.


From the existence of mankind these Laws have existed. The Hunter turned to Grower. Why? A decision resulting in a consequence. It is not difficult to understand the Laws of the Universe. It is difficult to apply them to your life. Each Law can be expounded to detail your own particular beliefs and principles in life. To practice them within daily life, however difficult to do, will have a profound effect upon your spiritual path. Think about it for a moment. When you stop to realize that every decision that you make over the course of the day has a consequence which results in another consequence and decision to be made. It changes your perception. When a perception is changed and the opposite is considered it can and often does shake every truth you have held.


A wise teacher of mine when I first began my studies suggested that I keep a separate journal to write down every belief or truth that I come to find in my life. The reasoning is that I would be able to look back and see the differences as I began to apply these in my own life.


I truly prescribe to the following statement. The magic is in the journey – never in the destination.