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Gay Marriage

Should either the US government or state government decide who can marry legally period? Currently, in Florida there is a measure that will be on the ballot to ban any marriage that is not between a man and a woman be added to the state constitution.

Personally, I am happily married to the same man fr the past 15 years. I practice a non-Christian faith. I am a registered voter with no political affiliation. Why is any of this important? I live in a country that allows any citizen to have their own opinions, their own freedom to express those opinions peacefully and the freedom to live their personal lives by the value they personally believe in.

The government, whether Federal or State, can not tell any what to believe, what to say, how to say it, how to vote, or how to live their personal lives; as long as they do it peacefully and in respect of the laws of the country. No where in the Constitution does it tell me who I should fall in love with, whom I should marry, or what I should believe abut marriage. I do understand that to some marriage is a sacred union between a man and a women. Wonderful - for them.

Turn the tables for a moment, how would those same people feel if the Government suddenly decided to make a law that the only religion allowable under the law is that of Celtic Druidism. If you believe anything else, you would be breaking the law, become judged and ostracized from society. - Sounding familiar to history.  

That is what this law banning gay marriages will do. It will tell tax paying, legal adult citizens what to believe, what their morals must be, and whom they can spend their life with. If they deviate from that belief, they will be judged, they will be ostracized and if they push it - they would be breaking the law.

I neither support nor oppose gay marriages. It is not for me personally; however, I do not want anyone, including the government to tel me what is right or wrong in my belief system. Period.

By adding this to a State Constitution, the government would be saying it is acceptable for them to tell me what to believe and what to practice in a faith moral system. What will be next? Telling me that since I am a Native American I can not go to a particular school or marry a 'white man'? Perhaps that being Pagan, I must be ostracized and judged to the point I can only live in a certain area of society.

There are men and women fighting to protect the freedoms granted to U.S. citizens. It is an atrocity to them for the government to 'slap them in the face' by passing laws that take away the very personal freedoms they are fighting to protect and dictate what I can and can not believe in.