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Renée Sigel on Climbing The Poetry Tree
Interview of me

RENÉE SIGEL‘s creative life is one of roots and branches. She grew up dancing, and loved nothing more than to explore improvisation. While training to be a professional dancer, it occurred to her that she had been choreographing miniature ballets all along. But she had also spent much of her childhood with her head buried in books, and the advice of Mrs Schiff, her English teacher when she was thirteen, to “never stop writing,” has never left her. So Renée continues to write and publish essays, blog posts and poems through her The Poetry Tree blog and several other sites, linked to on The Poetry Tree‘s Twitter bio. She often combines her writing with another passion of hers, and another branch of her creative life – fine art.

tpe: You originally envisaged The Poetry Tree as a kind of poetry journal, but since then you say it has become “a personal tree of poetic things, people and ideas.” How did this change come about?

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