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Renee gives an overview of the book:

 Online magazine cross cultural  showcase for creative excellence
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 Online magazine cross cultural  showcase for creative excellence

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  Mind Splits... off the wall humour by David ShrigleyMedicine and Dance: LA Choreographer Kalvin LatimerGraphic excellence: Maziar ZandLetterly leanings of an English gentleman: The world of Julian RothensteinConversations:Tea with Madame Dada...  the ageless Beatrice WoodPoets:  Mario Petrucci and Todd Swift       

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About Renee

I was born and educated in South Africa during the 'golden era' of Apartheid. I grew up somewhere between the stables, the stage and the dance studio. My young world was shaped by storytellers yet, I would never have considered writing at all had it not been for the enigmatic...

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Author's Publishing Notes

This back issue will be available in pdf format shortly