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MMmm Coffee! Where Should You Be Getting It? I like to write reviews and I like coffee, so I’ve decided to share with you my reviews of chain coffee shops I’ve tried.  I know a  lot of my readers are coffee fans, so I’d be interested to see how everyone else feels about these too....
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I’ve been thinking a great deal about giveaways I should be running for my readers.  Then I realized that instead of spending my money on something materialistic for a couple of readers, I could be donating that money to a charity and potentially save lives.  Fabulous idea! At least I think so...
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This past week and a half, I’ve spent a great deal of time on Twitter chatting with fellow indie authors. Before this, I was simply posting tips, ideas, and random inspiration I was finding throughout the day.  But I’ve found that actually engaging with the people you’re following is a...
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We need to be careful when we write that we get our facts straight.  ESPECIALLY if historical fiction is involved.  At least this seems to be what readers have been complaining about from my own writing, and the character in the novel I’m currently reading (A Widow For One Year from John Irving...
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New Amazon Kindle with Ads? My first reaction to this news was pure irritation.  Our society is constantly being bombarded with ads, everywhere we turn.  The one escape we’ve had from ads, for the most part, has been in our novels.  Aside from brief lists of reviews (which in themselves...
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Hi all, So I had said I wasn’t going to publish Tearing Honor in ebook form? Apparently I’m a liar. At this point, I feel more guilty than anything. I still don’t believe in ebooks, but there was enough demand for my book in ebook form that I thought I should at least accommodate for my...
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Self-publishing has been quite the struggle, while at the same time, it’s come with an extreme sense of accomplishment.  I dove right in with very little research to begin with, reading half of a self-publishing book (The Well-Fed Self-Publisher) and information on self-publishing websites....
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Most Responsive Social Media Hi all, Lacking the budget to dive into larger-scale marketing, I’ve relied on social media and word-of-mouth to spread the word about my book, Tearing Honor.  It has had some success, but not nearly as much as one would hope.  I have a lot to learn about marketing...
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You can now Look Inside Tearing Honor on Amazon! Check it out here!  If you're into the Medieval Time Period, Convents, Templar Knights, Family Conflicts, Witchcraft, or Rebellion, this might be a good read for you.  Now you can get a better feel for it with the beautiful Look Inside feature. Enjoy...
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