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Seymour, Connecticut
I was married to a police officer. We shared a beautiful life together before his passing on Nov. 16, 2009.
Sep 2009

Growing up in a small town in Vermont allowed me a lot of time to let my imagination take me to wonderful and magical places. The forest behind our house was not, of course, a simple forest but a magical wood filled with dryads, faeries and goblins. The swamp was where the evil things dwelled. The big oak tree that had been hollowed out by lightening was truly a portal to other, fantastic lands.


 I spent much of my time writing poetry and losing myself in books while I was growing up. I always thought I would be some sort of artist when I became an adult. However, I became bookkeeper. Ironic considering there is no room for imagination in accounting. I continued my writing though in the form of poetry and stories for my son. I had a number of horror novels started but a single mother with a demanding job and other responsibilities doesn't have much energy by the end of the day to write. I would grab an hour here or thirty minutes there but was never able to sit and do what I had always wanted to...just allow the words to flow off my fingertips onto my keyboard. 


A little over one and one half years ago my long time partner was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was, needless to say, a horrible time for us. We got married shortly after his diagnosis and I left my job of 10 years to care for him full time.  Through the heartbreak and uncertainty since his diagnosis  I have taken the time to finish two of the novels that I had started and am working my way towards finishing the third. I am a hopeful and positive person and I felt that at this time in my life when so much has changed and is changing this is something positive and theraputic that I can do for myself. Will I be published? I hope to. I don't think there's and author out there that doesn't dream of seeing their words between the covers of a shiny new book and sitting on the shelf of Barnes and Nobel. All I know is that when asked why I write stories I respond that it is because I can't not write.

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Writing (of course), reading anything from classics to romance to sci-fi to horror, crocheting, herbal & holistic medicine, painting and drawing.