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I've decided to post my novel Urban Nizhóní on line while I search for publishers and agents.  I've grappled with self-publishing, and posting the work, and finally decided I want this work to be read, now. http://manygoats.blogspot.com/ I recently collected my regular (reidgomez) blog into a...
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In 1995 I won the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund emerging writer award.  I won with selections from my novel, A Woman's Body Was Found There.  When I won people told me--"that'll never get published.  No one who wins that award has their book published." At the reading we (the winners...
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I want to begin by reading the beginning of my novel Urban Nizhóní.  These words set the stage:   Part One: “Those Who Thunder” -Linda Hogan               Nilch’ih roams the land along with his companion, Darkness.  Small...
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"I have feelings for someone else and I want to act on them." That's what she said. Then she left for a month, to attend her brother's wedding.  I was supposed to be the photographer, until I was disinvited by the Mother.  Who was I anyway but the roommate and "gutter lesbian." I wasn't...
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It took us three visits to get to the end of The Steins Collect exhibit at the MOMA.  It is true:  the fact that the MOMA got all these paintings from varied collections to show at this one time and location is a monumental accomplishment--a coup of great social and political import.  Seeing this...
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10.  Max Wolf Valerio I first heard Max read at the National Queer Arts Festival 2009.  I was invited to their reading, Exile: Vision Quest at the Edge of Identity,  by Aja Couchois Duncan (Ojibwe poet who did not make this list, but who writes a beautiful blog, that deserves mention.  http://www....
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My comments will not address Alexie's entire interview; I will only address a few interrelated points.   The bold inset that marks the first page of the interview reads:  "I've become somewhat colorless in a way.  But in the Indian world that's not the case.  I'm still the subject of much...
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I don't know if everyone remembers the SNL skit, Mo' Monee, Mo' Monee, Mo' Monee, but it was written by a writer. In 1995 I won the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund Emerging Writer's Award.  The prize:  $11,000, a trip to NYC where I spent three days on 8th and 8th in Brooklyn, riding the subway into...
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Martha Cooley's wise piece, "Novel Anxiety:  Notes from the Genre-War Trenches," in the current the Writer's Chronicle, provokes my response. Cooley's early question about the form and content of the novel, and their ability "to address the extraordinarily rapid and deep...
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I've been lost, filling out grants, finishing up a short story, rewriting my synopsis for a new round of query letters.  Milan Kundera has been the only thing keeping me afloat.  I picked up The Art of the Novel at the library, not knowing who Kundera was.  Now I can't get enough of him.  During...
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In 2005 I was reading at the Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social gathering at Berkeley.  Inés Hernández-Avila had asked us to come and read in celebration of her book, Reading Native American Women (Altamira Press, 2005).  When we got there we found no books.  The organized ordered all, but...
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Hands. I was delivered into hers at three weeks.  She took me home—  688 miles from my cord.  They left it; no wonder I am pulled north. She strung leis, double strand Orchid leis, for Tropical of California.  Her hands as big as plates.  At night she would sew by the light of the tv, Lawrence Welk...
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"I would also argue that the burden of isolation that has so tragically crushed man in recent years was assumed voluntarily by man; even more, he began to consider this hopeless stain as a noble sign of his distinciton and tragic pride.  Because man has always and everywhere been capable of...
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Reid Gómez
Yá'át'ééh All,  I have a new story just published by Red Ink, out of the University of Arizona.  Check it out.  Please support this journal and buy a copy to download.  The piece is a short story titled:  Coyote's Card Game.  I am working on turning it into a play.  Red Ink 15.02 is available at...
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Jesus Saves:  Third and Townsend
I'll be reading at Small Press Traffic on November 7th, from my second novel, California Wasn't Good For Us. California Wasn't Good For Us is an urban Navajo story, a tingling maiden story, a story about the hate we turn on ourselves in response to racism and Catholicism.  Madness, alcoholism,...
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