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When You Land an Agent
All Gays Go to Heaven

It apparently happens.

I have an agent.  My memoir is now under the guiding care of Red Carpet Agency.  All Gays Go to Heaven will probably make its way to Alyson, at least that's the plan.  I'm about to have the galley of the darn thing ready after some very intense editing.  But, I'm not feeling relieved.  I've got an agent but how do I know they are working as hard as I did as I self publisher?

When you publish something yourself, you work like the devil to find out some powerhouse efforts  which rob you of sleep and sanity.  I can't believe someone is willing to do that for me.  Of course, I believe in the work.  I've even posted some of it on AllGaysGotoHeaven.com.

 My coach, while writing this tome said not to worry, it would find an agent when it was ready.  And although she is able to embrace the Zen of Book Publishing, I have to put food on my bulldog's table.  It was probably the only point she and I disagreed on.  She thought in terms of months and years, while I, as a self publisher thought in terms of weeks.

 I guess I will have to get used to the slower approach.  The agent knew someone at Alyson and they are going to have lunch over it.  I don't no if that's a good thing or not.  But, I just wanted to share that good things happen to good people!  So, be patient.

 Check it out at http://www.allgaysgotoheaven.com