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All Gays Go to Heaven: Essential Spirituality in a Queer World
Long Let it Wave

Every once in a while, you get mad as hell and you just won't take it any more.  Dallas, Texas, you are on notice!  Here in one of the most modern cities in the US we have a shadow of hate, muck and mire called traditional Christians.  They show up with bundt cakes on the Bush's front porch when George made us the city d' retire of choice.  Then, they teach their children to be so intolerant that their GLBT classmates commit suicide at five times the normal rate.  And, not just suicide.  I was just interviewed for an article on self-cutting, an anxiety disorder, that a once happy, healthy young man suddenly started engaging in when he was outed then rejected.    He was so afraid he tore his own flesh rather than talk to his parents about the possibility of being gay.

I've had it.  The sweet smiles on the faces of the Ladies Baptists at Tea promise grandmotherly love and then deliver shoulders colder than a Fargo mule (trust me, that's cold) to anyone not "sanctioned".  The Methodist Men's Group taking the Boy Scouts of America on the trip while one boy is dying because he's gay and has been told he's going to hell just because he has a different idea of pitching a tent around other guys.  It's the debutante who is slapped by her father just because her date wore a dress, too.  And, it's every one of those pastors who have stood at pulpits and said "gays are going to hell but never mind, the Bible only meant them".  Biblical reasoning?  Oh, ye with unshaven beards will be cast first.  It's an older law than the no diddling your fellow man.

Today, I decided to elevate All Gays Go to Heaven: Essential Spirituality for a Queer World to the next work in my series.  It had been pushed back a bit.  After all, I'm being pegged as a progressive Christian writer.  We don't talk about such things.  Oh, how seductive indifference can be.  Well, I'm sorry.  I have sinned against my Queer brethren.  But not another tittle will be written on any other book until All Gays Go to Heaven is softly tucked in bed.  AGGtH may not play in Peoria, but, frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.  People  are hurting and as a pastoral counselor there in lies my first duty.  I just happen to be a gay pastoral counselor.  If there's not room for me at the progressive Chrisitan living table, fine.  I've got a rainbow of options of where to sit.

On with the show!

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Great Post!

This was a great post. It never ceases to amaze me that in what is supposed to be an "enlightened age" that people are still so concerned about who others choose to sleep with. I've always viewed bigotry against homosexuals as a form of perversion. Homophobes actually sit, think and care about what a person is doing in the privacy of their bedroom. I can't wait until we truly do reach an enlightened age when a person is just a person with no titles such as "African American", "Asian American", "Gay/Lesbian", "Pagan".