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Dallas, Texas
Single gay white male. Somebody is going to be really lucky one day and close the deal.
Dec 2009

My "wow" factor for you? I had a near death experience (NDE). I'm not sure why it is called "near-death" when I actually "died" and was brought back in 2008, during a five-month battle with MRSA Pneumonia. One doctor said I was the only survivor of the disease he'd seen. During my time on the other side, I saw phenomenal things. I can, with great assurance, tell you that love, peace, acceptance, and power await all of us as God's children!

My time in Heaven was rudely interrupted (I mean, c'mon people they DO have Pina Coladas over there and better!), and I was sent back to complete my life. At first, I was crushed and depressed. But with help, I pulled it together, and became inspired to share my story and release the writer within


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All Gays Go to Heaven: Essential Spirituality for a Queer World
Spiritual Recovery: Your 30 Day Guide to Enlightenment

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Knowing people, practicing compassion, three olive martinis, Enlish bulldogs, spirituality study