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Writing for Free?

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Many writers can no longer make a living freelancing, whether due to changing business models, technologies, or cultural shifts. There's talk of mutiny, but much more talk about how to adapt. Some writers are thriving and others are not. Can we even say what writers want as if we were a monolithic group?

If most people want to read for free, is being a writer still a profession? It's unclear where the boundaries are between old media, new media, and social media.

This week, please blog about the pros and cons of writing for free. Does it make sense in certain contexts, or do you think writers should always get paid for their work? Tag your blog post writing for free blog.We want everyone to blog about their views on writing for free. (Yes, please write for free about writing for free.) It will be a lively discussion!


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What a touchy subject...

But I couldn't resist contributing to the conversation so here it is:


Founder of Creative Thinkers International
author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again
and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)

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Thanks for participating...

...Aberjhani! As predicted, it's been a lively discussion.

Huntington Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room