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Most embarrassing high school photo
Your editor in 1985

This week, Red Room asked its members to post their most embarrassing photo from adolescence. We got some great ones, and even the bloggers who didn't have a photo from that era to share told some great stories about when they had an embarrassing moment that should have been caught on film.

Three posts stood out this week:

Tracy at the Prom 


For her first Red Room post, Tracy Sestili came up with a title that sums up adolescent awkwardness, and followed up with hilarious tale of the dreaded prom. Read "Dreadful Pantyhouse."




Trying not to try


John Oughton paints a vivid picture of 1960s faux-cool in "Trying Not to Try."



Don Surath's story about letting his macho facade down to try something new is as revealing as a photo would have been. Read "Donald Surath ... in bold letters left me mortified."

How to Get Divorced by 30


These three bloggers will receive a copy of Sascha Rothchild's new memoir, How to Get Divoced by 30: My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage. She describes it thus: "It's an age-old story. Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Girl decides she is way too young to be stuck in nuptial mediocrity."




You can see all the embarrassing high school photo blog posts here. I hope you'll choose your favorite, and leave a comment letting the blogger know why you enjoyed it. See all of Red Room's past blog topics listed here, and suggest a few more in the comments. Thanks as always for blogging!

Huntington W. Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room