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Max's Awesome Author Announcement
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It’s been another busy week here, and before it flies by I wanted to share with you all some of the most interested authors that are choosing Red Room as their new online homes:


Tom Bradley is an award winning novelist and essayist whose work has been featured on Salon.com, McSweeney’s, and is regularly featured in Arts & Letters Daily. He has written seven books and has become a major presence in the “Bizarro fiction” movement.

Julius Lester is award winning black American author of over 45 books, and is also Jewish. He has written numerous books for children, including To Be a Slave, a Newbery award winning collection based on the oral histories of slaves, and recently retired from his professorship at Amherst University. He has also recorded two albums of folk music. (Be sure and check out his extensive Wikipedia entry.)

Ruth Gendler is the author of The Book of Qualities, now in its 40th printing, which has been translated into German, Japanese and Chinese. Gendler is an artist and teacher as well as an author, and her newest book is Notes on the Need for Beauty.

Cecilia Chiang has an unbelievable life story, and I urge you to read the biography I’ve added to her Author Page. Born to a wealthy Chinese family, she and her sisters had to flee the invading Japanese, and later Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Escaping on the last plane to leave Shanghai, she eventually came to America and founded the famous Mandarin restaurant, and she is credited with bringing upscale Chinese cuisine to America. Her son, Philip, is the founder of P.F. Chang’s, and at 89, Cecilia continues to consult, cook, and entertain the Bay Area’s culinary aristocracy. Her newest book is The Seventh Daughter, an intertwined cookbook and memoir.

Bryce Courtenay is the world-renowned author of The Power of One, his first book written at age 55, which has come to sell nearly twenty million copies. Since then, Bryce has written over 20 books, and nearly all have been bestsellers. He is the bestselling Australian author ever, and The Power of One is #5 on Amazon.com’s all-time best-sellers list, right behind To Kill a Mockingbird. Besides The Power of One, his books have not received distribution in the U.S., and Red Room will be a great way for him to expand his U.S. readership.

As always, it’s a thrill and a pleasure to help these terrific authors learn how to use Red Room, and I look forward to another great week. Remember, they’ll all be happy to hear from you, so don’t be shy!

-Max Sindell, Author Liaison and Community Coordinator