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"I'm Thankful For...": Red Room Writes About Gratitude

By Gina Misiroglu

In celebrating Thanksgiving week, it's been my pleasure to solicit articles for AOL News from Red Room authors on the subject of what they're thankful for. The variety of answers was astonishing, but the high quality reflects what I've come to expect (and relish) from this community of talented authors.   

Jessica Barksdale Inclan wedding



Jessica Barksdale Inclán wrote about "ability to not see, to forget--to forget to be grateful" in "I'm Thankful for... A Moment in September."



Meg Waite Clayton


In "I'm Thankful... For the Writing Life," Meg Waite Clayton thinks back to a year when some key setback led her to the life she lives now, 


Kathy Briccetti



Kathy Briccetti relates how geography has somehow been an asset for her far-flung family in "I'm Thankful...for Long-Distance Love."



Tina Sloan


A successful book tour across has made Tina Sloan appreciate her country's diversity. Read "I'm Thankful...for the Cornucopia of America."



Tim Wise


The resolute bravery expressed by civil rights activists prompted Tim Wise to write "I'm Thankful for...A Special Photograph." 



Crescent Dragonwagon



The time for planting a humble vegetable reminds Crescent Dragonwagon of the ineluctable connection between past and present love. Read "I'm Thankful for...Garlic."


Jacqueline Winspear


In "I'm Thankful for... Expressions of Gratitude," Jacqueline Winspear remembers that she was raised by parents who, having become adults during the worst of the London Blitz, taught her "a deep sense of the way in which giving thanks can also give strength, especially when courage is most needed." 





Family holiday dinners can be full of emotional conflict. Susan "SARK" Kennedy shows how strength demonstrated during a bad example has allowed her to embrace all emotions. Read "I'm Thankful for...All My Feelings."


Kerry Madden


American "classic" Thanksgiving cuisine like microwaveable Cheez Whiz and canned cranberry sauce suddenly seemed wonderful to a homesick Kerry Madden. Enjoy "I'm Thankful for...Being Home Together." 



Pat Montandon


In "I'm Thankful for...Entertaining Strangers," Pat Montandon remembers that the hospitality her humble Depression-era family extended to strangers instilled an eagerness to entertain "friends she just hadn't met yet." 


Wally Amos


Wally Amos shares a few things he's learned from writing about my insights and experiences in "I'm Thankful for...Giving Back."



Sherry Jones


Sherry Jones is grateful for the opportunity to bring the story of an historical figure largely unknown in the West to life. Read I'm Thankful for...A'isha, Jewel of Medina."



Each of these authors brings a unique perspective to the subject of gratitude, and I hope you'll read each post and perhaps leave a comment saying what you're thankful for.

BONUS RECOMMENDATION: Check out author Jenny Block's tips on getaways for next year's Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from me and all of us at Red Room!    

Gina Misiroglu, Executive Editor, Red Room