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Hi Everybody!
Hi Dr. Nick!

It’s that time of the week, and once again I’m excited to announce some terrific authors that have decided to make Red Room their online home. If you have the chance, please visit their page, maybe send them a note encouraging them to blog, and make them feel welcome.

Celia Lisset Alvarez is a Cuban-American poet from Miami whose debut was published in 2006 by Spire Press, and her poems have appeared in the anthologies White Ink and Letters to the World, as well as various literary magazines. She currently teaches composition and literature at St. Thomas University in Miami.

Patty Friedmann has lived her entire life in New Orleans, excepting for education and natural disasters. She is the author of seven novels, all of which take place in the Big Easy, and her darkly comical work has been selected for Borders’ Original Voices and the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers series.

Laurie R. King is a prize-winning and best-selling author of crime and detective fiction from northern California. Laurie published her first novel in 1993, which introduced her lesbian San Francisco-based detective, Kate Martinelli. King is also well known for one of her other characters, Mary Russell, apprentice to Sherlock Homes.  

James Rumford is a children’s book author and illustrator whom I met this year at the Maui Writer’s Conference. Rumford has extensive experience with world culture and language; he was a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Chad and Afghanistan, a Fulbright lecturer in Rwanda, and has studied over a dozen languages. His children’s books are noted for their beautiful illustrations and special attention to history and culture.

John Saul is the best-selling author of over thirty novels of horror, crime, and suspense, and nearly every one of his books has appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List. He is also an active playwright, and has produced multiple one-act plays in Los Angeles and Seattle. He is actively involved with aspiring writers and the writing community, and is a recurring lecturer at the Maui Writer’s Conference and Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference.

I’m always amazed to look back over the week and seeing who’s new to Red Room. Red Room wouldn’t be the same without the terrific Authors and Members who add to our community, and I’m excited to see what our newest Authors will contribute. Thanks for reading!

-Max Sindell, Author Liaison and Community Coordinator