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Favorite Story of Doomed Love
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It didn't start with Romeo and Juliet, although sometimes it seems like it did. Stories of doomed love go back to the one of the earliest known pieces of written fiction, The Epic of Gilgamesh. However you interpret the details of Gilgamesh and Enkidu's relationship, the depth of the heroes' bond and Gilgamesh's life-changing grief after Enkidu's death prove that romantic tragedy is as old as literature itself.

This week, we'd like you to share your favorite story of doomed love. Please tag your post favorite doomed love story blog. A few bloggers will receive a story of love that might be doomed (but we're hoping for a happy ending), Monica Marlowe's 2011 debut Finding Felicity. Here is the overview:

"Madeline O'Connor was happy. Or was she? When she learns that her estranged sister is gravely ill, she leaves behind her life in Manhattan to be at her sister’s side in Italy. There, she discovers an ancient Benedictine monastery that accommodates travelers, and she decides to stay there, among the monks. Everything in her life turns upside down when she falls for Brother Anthony Lamberti, a soft-spoken Italian completely different from the men she knows in New York. Together Madeline and Anthony find love for the first time, and learn that life and love always find a way. Loving Anthony creates a new life for Madeline. A new life she would never have imagined and yet is perfect for her in every way."

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Huntington W. Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room