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Favorite Sex Scene in Literature
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Author Spider Robinson wrote that, while “everybody disagrees with everybody” about what constitutes a good sex scene, most agree that it “should be believable, consensual (all parties consenting), (and) a natural development of the story rather than a pasted-on attention-getter.”* This week, we'd like you to blog about your favorite sex scene in literature. (Please keep it at clean as you can!)

From Goethe to D.H. Lawrence to Anaïs Nin to Henry Miller to Erica Jong, authors have written about passionate lovemaking for centuries. Some classics, such as Jong’s Fear of Flying will forever be linked with the subject, while others, such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, are notable no longer for their once-shockingly explicit treatment of sex, but for other literary strengths.

The steamy side of literature past and present is the talk of both cocktail parties and blogs alike. In one of Red Room’s most popular blog posts, writing teacher and fiction author Jessica Barksdale Inclán instructs would-be writers on the finer points of crafting a relatable—and memorable—scene. (She’s even taught a university course on the subject.) Blog about your favorite sex scene in literature and you could receive feedback from Jessica (who serves as guest judge for this week’s blog challenge entries).

A few bloggers will win books by Red Room authors:

  • Ericka Lutz's satirical and bountiful The Edge of Maybe is a novel of possibility that encompasses both the sheer bigness and smallness—food, yoga, drinking, cooking, sex, self-cutting, parenting, motel-life, and finally going for broke—of middle class life at the edge of the 21st Century."
  • "One may need to pluck at a daisy chain to keep tabs on YC and Martin and their countless escapades growing up during the time of free love and rock and roll" in Nancy Ballard's debut novel of San Francisco in the 1960s and '70s, Invited Guests. Against this backdrop, Martin and YC "parallel dialogues as their lives intertwine in ever changing, often separate and unusual directions." But will their paths bring them together?
  • Columnist, therapits, and author Isadora Alman's Bluebirds of Impossible Paradises takes us to a similar time and place. Her novel "is the story of one woman's search for love, good sex, and happiness with a series of often bisexual or gay men.  For some this will be a fantasy, for others a look back at a piece of their own history."

So post a blog entry today! For help on how to blog, please see the directions here. We'll choose one of these blog posts to be featured on Red Room's homepage next week. Post your entry by Friday, February 24th at 10:30 a.m. PST (GMT-08:00) for consideration, and be sure to tag it with the keyword term favorite sex scene blog in the Blog Keyword Tags field so we can find it. (Please don't forget the exact tag. For more information about tags, click here.)

And don't forget to the entries on last week's topic, favorite Red Room heroes. From one author’s appreciation for opposite perspective of another based on to a writing program’s founder who helped an author rediscover her calling, Red Roomers praised the heroes they found right here.                                   

Thanks as always for blogging!

Huntington W. Sharp, Senior Editor, Red Room

*Robinson included a fourth component, "...and, hopefully, sexually arousing." We're not sure we agree. Maybe our guest judge said it best: "Of course, the sex scene can be ‘bad sex.’  Yes, characters have bad sex like the rest of us now and again, and that also tells us something about character, plot, and theme."

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Favorite Sex Scene Blog The Monster's Ball

My favorite Sex Scene in a drama movie is, The Monster's Ball, written and titled by, Milt Addia and Will Rokos. A powerful drama about two people drawn to each other during a time and place of deep racial tension in todays time; This tension has transformed rhe white male and a black female characters, who are drawn together during a particular moment in time that transcends them past the ugliness of racism. The realization of their personal evolutuion and self transformation during the climax of this signifigant change were recognized by their own personal beauty and the beauty of each other. That quantum moment healing sparked the most primal and steamy love scene. The seemingly real natural passion so raw that the rigidity of boundaries taught could be seen in Hale Berry's eyes as he penetrates her body mind and spirit. The primal animal instinct is released  and could be seen in the actors as their pain turned into lust as strong and powerful as the need for water and food after days being lost on a barren desert.  During this scene Billy Bob Thorton, releases the torture of hatred and turns it ino passion and love so powerful you can see the energy it released from his pores. Hale Berry becomes this lioness who unleashes her years of pinned up frustrations into a sexual bombshell so prowess that his key gets stuck in the door lock of her key hole. The magnetism in their eyes ripped the skin off their naked bodies to the core of their souls as they swim in a sea of creamy love. Years of pain dissipated upon a touch, the taste of their nectar sweat healed them and now they know love. Their bodies showed they wanted to know what love is and they needed it only from each other, that locked their destiny.

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Writing a favorite sex scene where it is not too provactive

When I blogged about the Monster’s Ball, the challenge was to take one of my favorite sex scenes and make it sound as sexless as possible. I picked monsters ball because it would be the most challenging. I thought by using mechanical words that I would be able to fulfill that accomplishment, wrong. Personally after reading some of the other blogs I felt I must have written the assignment incorrectly or interpret it in the wrong way. So, I went on the website and read a couple of blogs about how this could be accomplished. Editorially speaking they sound magnificent. To accomplish what was asked I see that it isn’t an easy job as all. The fear of writing passionate left the building of creativity to a dull flat note on a key board. As if it is a lecture of how to be prim and proper in a place it doesn’t belong. If the writing seems to fit in the category of a teenage love story, or a text book in elementary learning about puberty and the human anatomy. Then I thought maybe you picked the wrong movie? Then my mind tells me no, you should be able to take any sex scene and make it lose its’ deepest sexual overtones. My mind went to making love, how I would take these two people and change that scene from a moment of need and hot passion and not make it mechanical, but change it to making love. So, if I become the minister and not the woman, I would then recreate the scene. These two people come to a realization through their loss. His son committing suicide in front of him because he did not share the racist heart he learned from his dad, who was still living and a bigot. The male character recognizes that he had become so much like his father it killed his son who looked at life through the eyes of reality. A child being born in more enlightened time with less ignorance should be. Seeing people as people he accused him of being weak like his mother, using the exact words his father told him though out his life. The irony is that cycle is still living in the world today, My theory is this is why a lot of the kids are committing suicide and killing other children. The world they live in and the world they are taught of at home are conflicting. In this story there is so much hate in his heart that his dad told his son he always hated him and the son’s response was I always loved you and shoots himself in the heart. The African American single mother, mean to her son because she is afraid for him dying from obesity. It is her husband’s execution that causes the sheriff’s son to become ill during the walk to his execution that starts the last fight between he and his dad. Her son is hit by a car one evening and dies. He stops that night to help get him to the hospital off the side of the road. This is when the two characters begin slowly forming a relationship out of need, it was not lust. I say this because lust from my perception is when you are only there for sex and there are no feelings. There were deep feelings in that sex scene. When literature depicts the poor or the rich, the accumulation of wealth and pretense does not determine whether a book or a movie as ghetto. The biggest difference at this time is not the money a person has or how they perceive self in the world. Most of the world is a ghetto, because the mind set of class exist in very few. We live in a decade society that believe material objects gives class, it does not. The best way to approach a love scene would be with class. That is to show a female and male walk back in the room like the old days and leave it up to the imagination. Because when you study human sexuality in school it is taught so sterile, but it didn’t matter. From that time of your life on you know about sexuality. Once the mind has its own preconceived thoughts it is then an opinion and everybody has one. Talking to people who read books I ask them what it that they are looking for from authors that they feel they are not getting and they answer the truth and feeling. No matter what the subject is, it is truth and the love of the art. They want to relate to the story. They want the know the author is believes what is being written. If, you are that type of writer it becomes hard to create for a certain type of audience. That is why nonfiction writers and fiction writers have different perceptions. My daughter critiques well and write fiction because she looks at the story from the outside. I place myself within the character of the story at that point does it seem real to me or not. I have never been one to read a lot of love stories it takes a writer that will write the truth for me, I read love poems and can tell when the Poet truly loved, or not. I believe to write a sex scene it would be easier to do so if you experience that type of life style. I haven’t had the experience in Monster’s Ball, but I picked it because I was able to place myself within the story. Doing so I recognized some things are best left as they are written. Authors write fact with color, or fiction with a great imagination. You may get the author from time to time capable of doing both. I believe everyone have their favorite genre. My attempt to write the scene in the least proactive in saying they looked into each others eyes and began this wild waltz as two lions in a jungle.

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Outstanding scene

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison has a scene in it that's extraordinary. I was asked to teach a class on sex scenes to a group of adult authors. I turned out all the lights, lit a few candles and played the audio version of Toni reading it. Oh my. What an impact it had on the group, men and women alike. She uses all the senses and without it becoming prurient she created a scene that's unforgettable. Very memorable!

Marcia Fine

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The Bluest Eye, written by Dr. Toni Morrison

I have always been a true fan of Dr. Toni Morrison, she has a flair, my son loaned me the book when I was writing my work, so I sat it aside, I noted Marcia Fine had stated what a memorable way of utilizing the senses. I picke the monsters's ball, for reason I stated earlier, as a metaphysician there are as Dr. Morrison observes is the ability to put self into characters or what one perceive a character would do as you are reading the story. The connection I find when I turned to her writing she lets go of her other instincts that we all have, and that is her animalistic qualities. Animals and humans smell each other flesh as they dance, it is a chemical waltz because it does something for the nose and taste touch sight sound, if very sweaty. But the senses of the sixth involving the third eye, the sixth chakra point opens the conversation into the total feeling of the moment that is why I chose Monster's Ball, not cutting edge for me, but for a society who looks at race. The primal basic signifigance of the love scene is that they telepathically looked into each others eyes once he unlocked the secret to her heart, her key hole, but to the mind that takes it into another direction can see it more hardcore than soft. The initiating of their chemistry, the being lionistic, would be the like soul mates so different and yet the same.  Leading to the 7th chakra and the sensitives like my self call the gift of sensesory, connected to your higher being that crown chakra that allows you to have that yearning deep into your kundalini, having that feeling of being stuck, like animals. That chemistry draws the two together. I would hope someday, I can be as great and subliminal as my teacher, Dr. Maya Angelou, I call my mentor, who has accomplished such a feat, but I was looking for a scene to tear down barriers. Or, would put up a barrier./but it is all in what the author wants to accomplish and I stand by my art, and hope my work can aspire to such heights, as many great writers around me. Toni Morrison I not only read her work I watched her on television and enjoy every moment of her phenomenal work.

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favourite sex scene

my favourite sex scene in literature are one that are not too close to reality and  obscene