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Blog Topic of the Week: Repentance

Regret is all too easy--repenting, however, can be very difficult. Our most recent blog topic of the week was "Repentance"--and as we expected, the blog entries on this topic were profound, moving, and sometimes very funny. Here are the three bloggers we chose to feature this week:

  • Lucy Coats confesses, for the first time ever, a childhood misdeed and a lifelong secret she continues to keep from her mother: "I've never told her. And I never will. She doesn't use the internet now--at 84 she finds that speaking to people is more fun than emailing, and who could blame her for that. So she won't see it here. But for the first time, here on Red Room, I'm going to tell you what happened--go through the catharsis of confession and repentance." Read "Keeping Silent"
  • In her first Red Room blog, Deborah Rodney describes how simple acts of loving kindness changed the way she sees the world (and how they change the world itself): "Before I first started looking more closely at my thoughts, I imagined I was compassionate. I demonstrated for peace, I worked on environmental causes, I practiced Reiki, an energy healing art and I thought I expressed love to the people in my life and humanity in general. Then somewhere along the way, when I began to carefully and literally ‘watch’ what my mind was thinking, I was shocked at the negativity that filled up my brain and was deeply saddened by how bereft of love the world was, starting with me." Read "Three Fingers"
  • And Dashka Slater comments on the mea culpa of a company that was not as green as it purported to be: "There was an item in the San Francisco Chronicle this week about Make it Better, a bakery in the Castro that packs its goodies in a box that says 'I f***ed up.' Cupcakes seem like a good way to signal repentance, and I’d like to suggest that Steve Wasik, the CEO of water-bottle manufacturer SIGG Switzerland, order a few thousand." Read "Wash Down Those Recriminations with Cupcakes and Water"

We've chosen these three bloggers to receive books generously donated by Red Room Authors this week. We put their names in Red Room CEO Ivory Madison's cowboy hat for a random drawing, to see who would get which book.

Dashka will receive Matthue Roth's Yom Kippur a Go-Go: A Memoir--"a mind-blowing meeting of pop culture, Orthodox faith, and hipster poetics. Matthue Roth is an American original: an Orthodox Jew who cites Outkast and Michelle Tea among his influences."

Deborah will receive Nona Caspers's Little Book of Days--"a refreshingly honest and poignant slice of truth. . . a contemporary take on Montaigne's famous Essays, so alive that every page feels as if it's breathing."

Lucy will receive Diana Joseph's I'm Sorry You Feel That Way: The Astonishing but True Story of a Daughter, Sister, Slut, Wife, Mother and Friend to Man & Dog--"somehow hard-boiled and warm-hearted all at once. . . Joseph's stories have an unflinching honesty and a wry appreciation for the absurdities of masculinity and motherhood."

We thank these authors for their generosity, and we thank all of you for blogging!

There are more great "Repentance" blogs to read--just for instance, Beth Mann's "Am I a Wal-Mart Baby Slapper?" Rebbecca Hill's "Second Chance," Patricia Barbee's "Forgiveness to Oneself," and Arlene Goldbard's "Repenting Silence, the Scapegoating of Van Jones."

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