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Blog Topic of the Week: Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Mahatma Gandhi called it "the attribute of the strong." George Sand said it was "more sublime than to be faultless one's self." And according to Oscar Wilde, nothing annoys your enemies so much. But we wanted to know what you think about forgiveness--we asked the Red Room community to come together and blog on this theme, and the entries made this one of our favorite weekly blog topics.

Valorie Wells FentonAccording to this week's featured Red Room blogger, Valorie Wells Fenton, "Forgiveness is the art of simultaneously swallowing one's pride while offering one's heart." Read "I Knew You Wouldn't Come."

Valorie will receive a copy of Naseem Rakha's The Crying Tree (Broadway, 2009), a novel that tells the story of a mother who The Crying Treemust defy church and family as she attempts to stop the execution of the man who killed her 15-year-old son. "This complex, layered story of a family's journey toward justice and forgiveness comes together through spellbinding storytelling."-- Publishers Weekly

Thank you, Naseem, and thanks to all of our fantastic bloggers! There are more great blogs to read--for instance: Geoffrey Thorne's "Forgiveness?", Talia Carner's "The Kidnapped Child That Would Never Forgive," Laxmi Hiremath's "Brief, Momentous Encounter with a Grasshopper," and Linda C. Wisniewski's "Forgiveness Is Not What You Do."

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