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A Mindful Thanksgiving
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For a couple of years now it's been my pleasure to edit holiday-themed articles by Red Room authors and members for Huffington Post's various verticals and excerpt them here on Red Room. This year, the theme for Thanksgiving seems to be mindfulness in the midst of celebration. Intention—whether to eat healthier or to adopt green habits—can make us really examine what it is we have to be thankful for.

Joan Moran

It has been 60, Sex & Tango: Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer author Joan Moran's experience that giving gratitude with consciousness and pure intentions reduces stress and brings greater joy to your celebrations. We agree, and hope that her tips to pause, reflect, and give thanks do the same for you.

Rachelle Carson-Begley

Rachelle Carson-Begley, who teams with her husband Ed Begley, Jr., to produce books, TV shows, and other content about the green lifestyle, suggests that "if you make the day more about community and family and less about 'consumption,' you'll be well on your way to a green holiday." See her tips in "Going Green This Thanksgiving."

Of course, for most of us, Thanksgiving is all about sharing a delicious meal with loved ones. But if we're trying to eat healthy, the day can be a challenge. Four Red Room writers share their tips for enjoying the feast mindfully:

Holly Clegg

If you're the cook, cookbook author Holly Clegg says Thanksgiving can "leave you stressed and anxious. Although the day can be busy, with lots of dishes to prepare," Holly has "learned to mitigate the stress by simplifying the meal, staying organized, and planning ahead." See how in "Terrific Tips for a Hearty and Healthy Thanksgiving."

Tara Marie Segundo

If you've wondered if it's possible to enjoy the festivities without gaining weight and eat well at the same time, New York City–based fitness expert, personal trainer, motivational strategist, and radio talk show host Tara Marie Segundo, M.A., says the answer is yes. Try her ten tips for conscious eating the next time you're confronted with temptation and you'll find yourself eating better and feeling better.

David Greenwalt

What if Thanksgiving comes in the middle of your serious attempt to diet to lose weight? The Leanness Lifestyle author David Greenwalt writes that, in his experience, "the average overweight person puts on five to seven pounds between Thanksgiving and mid-January. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way." Find out how in his piece "12 Tips to Maintaining Weight-Loss Sanity This Thanksgiving."

Andrea Gargotta

Few foods say "fall" like crisp, delicious, healthy apples. Even in Southern California, where it might seem that fall is less season than state of mind, member Andrea Gargotta cherishes seasonal traditions having to do with finding, harvesting, cooking, and enjoying apples. She shares lots of mouth-watering tips for savoring the fruit in "Kick Off the Holiday Season with Apples."

I hope you'll check out each of these excerpts, read the full articles at HuffPost, then come back and comment on your favorites here at Red Room. You can read many more Thanksgiving related entries here; if you'd like to see yours in that list, just add the word Thankgiving to the blog keyword tags when you post your blog entry.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Red Room!

Gina Misiroglu, Executive Editor, Red Room