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(Updated April 14th, 2014.) In his memoir Palimpsest, the late Gore Vidal wrote that “a memoir is how one remembers one’s own life,” and neuroscience now tells us that the process of articulating those memories in a written narrative gives us an opportunity to process it, and transcend it, in a...
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(Updated March 4th, 2014.) Red Room has been proud to promote two exciting writers conferences this winter: First, with nearly 3,000 members, the Independent Book Publishing Association is the largest nonprofit publishing association in the U.S. They make it easier for independent book publishers...
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(Updated January 29th, 2014.) “…despite constant media coverage, increased tourism and rampant foreign investment, the cultural distance between China and the West remains as vast as the oceans that separate them.” –Promotional copy from Tom Carter’s photography collection China: Portrait of a...
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Red Room Executive Editor Gina Misiroglu was browsing HLN’s Yule log site which chronicles more than a hundred true stories of holiday kindness. One she really loved was the story of a kindergarten chorus that had learned hand gestures to go with a Christmas song to the tune of “Bingo Was His Name-...
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This holiday season, I've loved editing Red Room members' thoughts about the holidays for publication on The Huffington Post's various verticals. There's such a diversity of perspective and expertise on Red Room, and these writers show it in their articles about very different aspects of the...
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(Updated December 16, 2013) Irma Rombauer published and distributed the first three thousand copies of The Joy of Cooking herself in 1931, while James Redfield sold copies of his self-published The Celestine Prophecy out of the trunk of his car in the early 1990s. What would their author-...
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For a couple of years now it's been my pleasure to edit holiday-themed articles by Red Room authors and members for Huffington Post's various verticals and excerpt them here on Red Room. This year, the theme for Thanksgiving seems to be mindfulness in the midst of celebration. Intention—whether to...
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(Updated November 20th, 2013.) Australian literature branched off in the 19th century to include Aboriginal issues, the land’s unique rural and urban contrasts, and Australia’s own social and political journey. Notable authors include novelists Nobel laureate Patrick White, Christina Stead, and...
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The American Resting Place
(Updated November 5th, 2013) “Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite."–The epitaph of British/Irish comic writer and musician Spike Milligan, 1918-2002. (Meaning “I told you I was ill”—the English church where he was buried insisted on the Gaelic version for reasons of dignity.) From witty or historic...
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Red Room author Lawrence Grobel has interviewed Marlon Brando in Tahiti, Lucille Ball, Miles Davis, and Brad Pitt. But we were more interested in his interviews with Joyce Carol Oates, Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Elmore Leonard, Alex Haley, and other literary heroes he writes about in his book...
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(Note: This week, we're doing a blog challenge and offering a deal to Red Room authors and premium members. The two are not connected; you can participate in one, or both, or neither.) BLOG CHALLENGE: Maybe you’re a reader and (thank God) don’t have a book to market. You’re too busy reading to...
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(Updated July 30th, 2013) “There is a temperate zone in the mind, between luxurious indolence and exacting work; and it is to this region, just between laziness and labor, that summer reading belongs.” –Henry Ward Beecher It surprised us to come across this quote from a man we associate with...
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(Updated July 14th, 2013) “Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. The detective must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor.” –Raymond Chandler Of course,...
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Jane Austen
(Updated June 15, 2013) “Mr. Collins is a conceited, pompous, narrow-minded, silly man; you know he is, as well as I do; and you must feel, as well as I do, that the woman who married him cannot have a proper way of thinking.” –Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen Austen neatly characterizes the...
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New Red Room author Barbara Coloroso may be the only expert on both parenting and genocide. Her forty years of experience studying parenting, teaching, bullying, grieving, and nonviolent conflict resolution has led to six books, including, The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander and Extraordinary...
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