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If you’re an author, traditionally or self-published, you can now sell your ebooks on Red Room! Plus, if you’re a Premium Member participating in Red Room’s “Royalties and Relationships” programs, you’ll get to keep up to 85% of the retail price, and you’ll get connected directly to every reader...
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It gives me a great deal of pride to introduce our first major redesign of Red Room since the community launched. Red Room's fantastic team of engineering, creative, editorial, and community pros have worked hard to make this day happen. The new site is so much better-looking, more secure, faster,...
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By Huntington Sharp, Editor, Red Room Exciting news! Red Room has added email notifications for new comments. Now, every time someone comments on one of your blog entries, videos, podcasts, etc., you'll get an email telling you about it. And if you comment on someone else's content, you'll get an...
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UPDATE, MAY 14TH, 2009: Unfortunately, a bug discovered by one of our most dedicated authors reveals that comments are disabled on blog posts you email to post@redroom.com.If you choose to use this feature, please send me a quick emailand I'll enable comments on the post. This is just a temporary...
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By Huntington W. Sharp, Red Room Editor Here's an exciting announcement of two new features that you, our fantastic community, have been asking about for ages. Now, you can set up a network of connections on Red Room that lets you get specific about how you're connected with other authors and...
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Happy Halloween from Red Room! We've added a new banner designs for your Red Room pages. Instructions for adding them are included below. (Check out the second to last one: an old typewriter!) Blueberries Bamboo 1 Bamboo 2 Book Bindings Books on Shelf Dog...
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(Updated August 13, 2011.) What is the Dashboard? The Dashboard serves a sort of “toolbox” for your page that enhances your experience on Red Room. If you’re familiar with iGoogle or the Mac OS X dashboard, then you’ll already be familiar with this kind of feature. How do I see my Dashboard? You...
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The secret to Red Room's success, what makes it different from other online communities, is that it's a home created especially for writers. When you're part of a group of people who care about good writing, and who often make their livings doing it, you know the quality of what you read is going...
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