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Calla Lily learns about healing too. The lessons are harsh, but the love is deep.
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Rebecca Wells in the Barn 

Dear Readers,

Soft, warm light came shining through my home office window today. It’s so good to see and feel the power of the sun returning to the Northern Hemisphere as summer-time comes tip-toeing in, delivering healing energy after a long, long winter. I feel the strength of that powerful healing from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. This springtime energy brings me back to life! I feel like a daffodil poking its way through the earth and up, up, up into the world.

Sometimes our souls need healing. Sometimes our bodies need healing. Sometimes both mind and body could use a shot of sunshine. Living with a painful chronic condition sends plenty of good, strong people right down a deep rabbit-hole where they hide away, hoping that the hurt will just go away, wrapping up in a blanket of numbing medication and praying for relief that may or may not appear.

Emotional pain can hurt as strongly as physical pain, and the two of them often sashay along hand-in-hand like chummy sorority sisters in matching sweater sets, strolling through people’s lives leaving broken bits and pieces behind. It takes kindness and gentle hands to lift up a wounded soul, sharing the warm sunshine and opening up to the process of healing.

I’ve survived what I thought at the time was an irreparably broken heart. I’ll bet you have too. When you’re in the throes of emotional pain, it feels like there’s no way to ever get past it. But we do. And we learn. And we grow through the pain into (hopefully) stronger human beings. And oh, the lessons that we learn as we grow!

May the warm light of healing glow from within you,


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Hope your Light..

I hope your bright light continues to glow from within... Leslie http://lesliemusoko.ning.com

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Thank you, Rebecca,

for your heartwarming words and witness. I always feel a healing energy as the sun pulls us towards the midsummer solstice.

Wishing you a brighter horizon and all good things,