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My heroine is Flannery O'Connor. Not just because she is one of the finest writers from my Southern homeland, but because she became a kind of patron saint for me in a sisterhood of suffering while I was writing my previous two novels, Ya-Yas in Bloom and The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder ...
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Darlingest Readers, I am thrilled to welcome you to Rebecca's Front Porch, a place where we can exchange thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams and joy in a supportive environment. Imagine you’re on a big front porch with comfy chairs, good food, good drink, and soon-to-be good friends. Together we’ll...
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I enjoy the July 4th celebration from our home base in the Pacific Northwest. The folks on our small island really like to go all out, and it’s just so much fun! My husband and I like to go around the island with friends and try to catch the fireworks from different spots. My favorite is to take...
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I don't know why Herriott, one of our ewes, won't stop baaaa-ing. It's a sunny afternoon, the wind blows through the leaves of the Big Maple trees. The grass in the pasture waves like a little chartreuse inland ocean. So I don't know what she is trying to tell me. Is her slightly arthritic front...
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Dahlin' Dears, Yesterday I got a call from a childhood friend who I have not spoken to in decades. Talking to Sally again was a blast! We laughed and giggled like the girls we once were, catching up on news about mutual friends, family, and our own lives. As we hung up the phone, we promised not to...
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  Dear Readers, Soft, warm light came shining through my home office window today. It’s so good to see and feel the power of the sun returning to the Northern Hemisphere as summer-time comes tip-toeing in, delivering healing energy after a long, long winter. I feel the strength of that powerful...
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Rebecca Wells in the garden
Dahlin dears, I wish you could smell the yellow scented lily that sits in a vase next to my computer. Its scent is just right — not too shy and not too overpowering. This summer seemed the sweetest in years. In front of the porch is a wild garden filled with snapdragons, lavender and pink roses, (I...
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