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Have you ever wondered whether dragons really existed at some time on Earth? I mean, if you take a good look at some of the newest dinosaur fossil finds it’s not that far a stretch to imagine that once upon a time those magnificent beasts soared over the hills and dales of our lands. After all,...
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I have a series of postings on my regular blog concerning the various mythological and myth-based creatures I use in my two series: Seraphym Wars for YA and Stardust Warriors for MG. I thought it might be fun to explore that topic here as well.  I'm starting the series by discussing a monster...
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Seraphym Wars Series
I had given up on making New Year Resolutions years ago because I could never keep them going long enough. So instead, I began making goals. And this year is no exception. I made personal goals (which are personal) and others relating to my work. I came across a name for these and liked it....
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McLeran House
The concept of freedom is completely ambivalent. While I live in America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave, I do enjoy a wide number of freedoms that citizens across the world do not. I can speak about what I wish to whomever I wish. I can come and go at will pretty much wherever I wish. I...
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The assignment for this week’s Red Room Blog was to write about my favorite novel. It’s so hard for me to select one favorite novel. I have so many that have touched my life and my writing it would be impossible to choose one. The Lord of the Ring series has influenced me through my love of dragons...
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            As a teen I really got into reading the classics. One of the short stories I fell in love with was The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell ©1924.             There are a lot of reasons why this has become my favorite story. In fact, I’d say it must be a favorite of a lot of people...
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