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No One Can Hide

Just a follow-up to the latest announcement I made on my last post where I had to be discreet pre Dr. Phil.  My co-author of the book project we are working on to help children with divorce appeared as an expert on Dr. Phil which was taped last week when I happened to be in California so I was able to go to the taping.  She's a victim of parental alienation, as is someone extremely close to me,  as well as president of an association to increase awareness and improve legislation re. parental alienation.

Jill did a great job as an expert on the show and Dr. Phil did a respectable job telling these parents the straight scoop regarding putting their children's needs first.  Unfortunately after contacting 170 people Jill could NOT get 2 parents that are truly experiencing Parental Alienation Syndrome to come in and 5 court injunctions were place preventing the non-alienating parent from ever speaking to media at all.  Obviously that goes with the narcissistic personalities that find themselves entitled enough to be consistently be so "right" that they can actually alienate their child from a loving parent that they were once in love enough with to spawn these pawns in their sad, sordid games.

Once again we want to hear stories from all sides so if you are willing to answer 3 quick questions (4 if you happen to also be a child of divorce) email us at noalienation@gmail.org

 And please pay it forward. Share our request to others you know that have gone through divorce to help the children.