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Central Illinois
yes, extremely happy
Sep 2008

Becky is a psychotherapist that has been intrigued by the stories of others since she was a young girl and has written voraciously her entire life.  


Becky has several published articles in the state capitol's alternative newspaper, the Illinois Times; she proposed writing a series highlighting alternative/integrative/holistic practitioners in the area.  Becky has been a guest columnist for other print publications and has written and continues to write for several websites as well as continuing to write essays and columns.  She is frequently contacted by the media in her area for expert opinion.  As part of her work Becky writes end of life narratives that have served to be a wonderfully therapeutic event for the family, the patient and the writer.  




What excites Becky most?  She finally said, enough, and starting writing for herself.  Becky is closing in on the first draft of her first novel- working title: Fool Me Once, an experience she has found extremely exhilarating.

Fool Me Once explores the emotional and psychological foundation of a woman whose life takes a very unplanned and devastating turn when she finds herself in an unimaginable scenario, contrary to her very life dream and her ethical and moral foundation.  Becky uses her 30 years of experience of listening to complex life stories to illustrate how a "nice," "normal," young woman can find herself in a position to do the unthinkable, the unforgivable, as we learn about the life experiences that lead her to that tragic conclusion.  The twists and turns in Fool Me Once will surprise, entertain and haunt the reader.


Reading To Kill a Mockingbird and Mark Twain ad nauseam as a 10-14 year old probably had the most impact on me, even though I was writing at a much younger age.

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Working title "Fool Me Once"; a work of fiction in process.

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