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I am married to Gordon Griffin, my partner in crime.
Feb 2010

Rebecca Griffin is a mother of three children and is the author of 'Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?'. After gaining her degree in psychology from the University of Sydney, she completed her Maters degree in Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. She has published academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and has edited many books and articles on mental health.

Before having children, Rebecca worked in mental health for ten years. During this time, she worked as Director of Support services for a nonprofit organisation in Sydney and as a consultant for mental health in Ireland. It was through her work with support services and groups that Rebecca came to realise the importance of community and connection.

When people have a chance to connect with others, there is a greater sense of support and a reduction in feelings of isolation. This is part of the theory behind 'Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?'. Narrative is a powerful tool and Rebecca feels that sharing real stories of everyday parents will help to reduce these feelings of isolation. She also believes that by reading shared experiences, parents are provided with the opportunity to challenge dysfunctional thinking (in this case, 'perfect parent' thinking').

Rebecca was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and now lives in rural Ireland with her husband and children. 


Growing up as an only child.

Losing my mother to cancer at 16 (she was 44).

Trying to navigate the world on my own.

Working in mental health.

Human rights - the fight for dignity, freedom and equality for all.

Everyday people - they have extraordinary stories to tell.

My family.

My coffee.

The Cure.

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'Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?', ACER Press.

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