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A bilious compilation of mean green things!

This was a prize for my blog about Spring in my neck of the woods & as I'm a retired reviewer, I'm thrilled to add my recommendation for this scarily satisfying read.

Sized to fit a coat pocket, with its very own gold ribbon marker, it contains delightfully illustrated pages of the historical & hysterical low-down on such villainous flora as Aconite, Betel Nut, Coca, Ergot, Iboga, Jimson Weed, Mandrake, Ratbane, Sago Palm, Yew & many more, including those to which we've become addicted. Just because something's "natural," doesn't mean it isn't deadly! Know what it is you're popping in your mouth the next time you go a-wandering.

I first met Amy Stewart in FROM THE GROUND UP: The Story of a First Garden. Being a big city escapee newly transplanted in the Pacific Northwest rain forest, her story mulched my yearning to tend the earth, giving me starter ideas as to why we garden.