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Do you have a compass?

My daughter picked the brass-brown compass out of her classroom’s treasure chest for having a “green day.”

She held the plastic disc in front of her, cupping it in her hands as if it were a priceless antique that had once led explorers across oceans in search of riches and unmapped lands. Skipping down the corridor, she spun, halted, zig-zagged across the hallway, leapt and backtracked, all the while studying the face of the compass.

My four year old had instantly grasped the principle of a simple needle forever swinging to the north. And yet, I find I’m regularly challenged to trust the digital GPS on my phone that is otherwise capable of doing everything from ordering chinese delivery to becoming a guitar amp, to even donating money to my charity of choice.

Faith takes a variety of forms. Some of us skeptics are pickier than others in what we choose to believe. But it never fails to amaze me how, in our world filled with cheap trinkets with molded seams — our days of oversized SUVs and disposable electronics — we still have faith in the unseen magic surrounding us.

And how even the simplest toy that we scoop up along the way has the potential to send us off in an unexpected direction at any moment, if we can only trust the unknown.

Which direction will you choose?