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In my childhood, when I had the Commodore 64 computer that I’ve talked about before, one of the games I had installed was Mah Jong. I liked it for the images on the computer tiles, but I had no clue how to play and never learned. Last week I visited a favorite store filled with trinkets of all...
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Mis palabras sonen las lineas y coloresde la mariposa. (Rebb reading Mariposa in Spanish)http://redroom.com/member/rebbecca-hill/media/audio/mariposa My words arein the lines and colorsof the butterfly. ** I was walking this morning and my mind was wandering and I was thinking of writing and...
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La luna está mirando meen la día,una canasta llena a mitad.Yi el cielo se vetan grande hoyen este camino dondela luna se vacía luz de paz y amor. The moon is watching meIn the daytime,a basket half-full.And the sky looksso large today on this road wherethe moon emptieslight of peace and love. **...
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Purple Succulent Flower.JPG
Feeling blank, yet full. I told myself that I wasn’t going to write about feeling blank, but I cant fight it. I can only follow its lead into the dance, let him lead the way. I give my hand—ready to surrender. I no know other way. I must give up the need to control and I have gotten better with...
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One lone sparrow perchedTree bare of leaves shaken freeKeeping watch, now rise
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Today I felt compelled to select one card from the Tarot deck with no question in mind—just for a general feel: Self speaking to self. I shuffled and a card got away, landed right there. I hesitated at first, then decided that was going to be the one. I flipped it over. 3 of Disks: Works. The...
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It became noticeable yesterday when we were driving back from the grocery store to home at about 7:30 PM. “The days are already starting to get shorter.” “Uh-huh.” “Look, it's almost dark and people have their headlights on already. Two weeks ago when we took our walk at this time it was much...
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We planned on eating dinner out that day—only one day to buy last minute items for our Labor Day camping weekend trip. We drove around the block and around the streets, finally a parking place opened up. I had suggested we eat at the salad place. When we walked in, I was frozen by the long line...
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Koi in a pond at a Japanese Garden
Chicken with Mole On Thursday I decided to buy a jar of Mole (pronounced: MO-Lay) sauce because I know it’s one of my significant other’s favorites and when we were at his mom’s house, I had tried it for the first time. I don’t recall my grandmother making it, but I would be surprised if she didn’t...
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La Luna (The Moon)
Taking a break from reading blogs. Taking a break from the need to write and share, turning back inward, getting re-acquainted with the quiet space—the solitude. September is upon us, October is not far behind. The last three months of the year always bring a certain feeling to me—a mixture of...
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Tree of Light.JPG
Through the hanging fog in the morning, I count on the light to crack through; and when it does, I feel renewed. I think to myself how dependent my moods are on the light. Driving down the freeway I beam at the rich burgundy leaves on the trees, glistening back into my senses, carving a place...
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My right hand has been acting up, so this I write down in my paper journal first. It does this from time to time, especially when I click and move the computer mouse around and type at speeds to keep up with the words to push out of my mind. It doesn't help holding and scrolling my iPod Touch for...
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To enter, you must first cross a bridge. On the right is a crescent pattern of five or six stone seats set around a pond of water, with a waterfall in the background. A large copper wire Dragon, at least 100 feet long hangs high, a great protective force. At first I do not see these sights. Hungry...
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Different things have been on my mind. It’s a slow period at work and at times I get antsy. But once I accept and get used to this lull, I’m able to invite the clear slate and let my mind wander—about ways to improve or introduce new ideas. During the process, I usually stumble upon or keep coming...
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I could see the land for as far as my eyes could reach. Was I walking or did I have an animal instinct inside myself? The wheat colored grass crunched underfoot. I sensed that I wore a heavy regal robe or was it a sheer night dress? As if in a flash of a moment, animals started charging up from the...
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