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What happened to the rhythm?

What happened to the rhythm? It seems to have skipped a beat. Feels like being right back at square one. What happened to the flow? Going back after a long time, you still recognize it, but when it’s still too near, you don’t see it. Has something changed? Something’s always changing. At times it feels like a writing vacuum, dust and particles spinning around. You want something more, is that what it is?

What is the purpose? What is your purpose and how do you bring your purpose to life? How do you know if anyone cares? Does it matter if they care?

Stop and go. Stop and go. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Kaboom!

What’s that? You said you had something going the other day and you intend to come back to it.

Oh! Where is this going!?

It’s the feeling as if after a performance—the curtains have closed, the audience has left, and it’s just you in the dark, in the quiet—just you—left with the rhythm of your own thoughts, your own words.

Only it’s not a performance; it’s real life.

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Rebbecca, Having similar


Having similar feelings and I was just thinking about how to get those thoughts on paper.

I'm feeling out of my rhythm and hope that summer will help me restore rhythm.


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Annette, I can't help writing

Annette, I can't help writing about it when I come to this familiar place. But it helps. After posting it, I felt ready to start my day and reflect some more on my rhythm.

Days before I had thought of doing something completely out of rhythm with my mode. I was going to join a local Toast Masters club. I decided I still wasn't ready; I've come close many times. The act of going through the thinking process and looking on the website gave me enough of the excitement that I needed. I was originally searching for a local book club to join, which I think I may have found.

Yesterday when I wrote this blog, I was blank and at the same time there was a lot going through my mind, but I stayed close to my feeling and tried simply to convey it best I could in the moment. I imagined that I wasn't alone in these thoughts and it felt good to post.

Thank you for stopping by!

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I think I know what you mean,

I think I know what you mean, and I hate feeling that way.  May I suggest something? At least, it works for me.  Just bind a gag any feeling of guilt (or just take it out wth the rubbish) and take one, two or even three days off.  Rest, indulge yourself, do something different.  The rythm will notice that you're ignoring it and, like a child who realises his/her tantrum hasn't produced the desired effect, will suddenly catch up with you, nuzzle your hand, and fall into step with you... Even better than before.

Be gentle with yourself.  More people care than we think.

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Katherine, I like your

Katherine, I like your suggestion and the child analogy. Yes, thank you for the reminder...it is important to be gentle with ourselves.

I feel more focused today. I finished Atlas Shrugged recently and have actually felt quite moved and changed by Ayn Rand's work. I was going to come bank to her collection of lectures in book form: The Art of Fiction, but instead decided to take a look at her lectures on nonfiction: The Art of Nonfiction, which I downloaded on Kindle yesterday evening. What's interesting to me is that she was speaking to some of the thoughts that were going through my mind. It was as though I knew where I should look to "have a longer conversation" about this mental place I found myself. So far her words are providing me a focus that I seemed to have lost. I still have my heroine paper in mind and now I must find my focus.

Thank you very much for stopping by and for your helpful tips and encouraging words!