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Welcome, Grey Day

When I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and was not expecting to see a light grey sheet pulled across the sky. It’s been hot these past few days, blue skies and playful clouds puttering around, changing shape, mingling with the sun. I poured my cup of decaf coffee, came and sat down, and thought to myself it couldn’t be…I heard the sound of car wheels riding on wet pavement. I stood to look out the window and it was indeed raining. Rain in July, right in the middle of a California summer.

Summertime was always my favorite season. That’s changed over time. I’ve grown to welcome the grey skies, the cooler, rain drenched days. We haven’t actually seen that much rain this season. But those grey skies…

I find solace in the grey.


Cool air against a backdrop

of grey and white

shakes me alive.


Hot cloudless days,

drowsy and heavy

with heat curled around,

push me down.


Cool, grey

cloud filled days snap me to attention,

make me see things differently,

colors and shapes and thoughts,

that I don’t see on summer days

in quite the same way,

blue jay,

wheat colored grass,


fuchsia blossoms burst…

splash color on the grey canvas


splashes of thought—

grey day.



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Rebbecca, Gray days have a


Gray days have a unique beauty, it's true. I happen to love gray winter days. I find beauty in the bare trees, brown leaves on the ground in great piles, and the crisp wind on my back as I take my walk around the neighborhood.

Great post!


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Annette, I wanted the grey

Annette, I wanted the grey clouds to stay longer, but the day turned blue and sunny and all traces of rain disappeared, which was pleasant, though, my mood craved grey. Yes, bare trees are very lovely.

Thanks for visiting.

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The Cosiness of Grey Days

Once again, I (the poetry non-lover) like your poem.  I can smell the scents you describe, as I am sitting here in London, on (yet another) grey, rainy day, with a mug of licorice tea beside me.

I love grey days.  There is something cosy and comforting about their protective, soft cloak which wraps you in gentle introspection and a soothing kind of melancholy).  It's the time when I listen to choral church music by Byrd, or Tallis, or Stanford.  It is when I like to sit and write with a candle on my desk.  

Having said that, we've had nothing but grey and rain in London for nearly two months... And I am now finding it very, very depressing.  Even the press are now making jokes about the weather. 

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Thank you, Katherine. I don’t

Thank you, Katherine. I don’t think I’ve ever tried licorice tea before. It seems it would wake your senses up.

The only thing about grey days, is they make me want to stay home, so on work days, I have to get myself into the mood to go from my comfortable cozy space. “There is something cosy and comforting about their protective, soft cloak which wraps you in gentle introspection and a soothing kind of melancholy.” Beautifully said. I feel as though I’m in that space.

Ah…I imagine nothing but grey for so long would eventaully beat down on the spirit. I hope a bit of sun and blue skies manages to crack through soon.

Thanks for visiting.