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This Morning - Music

This morning the room fills with music from Santana's Supernatural album. The drums have always been my weakness, especially conga drums, that call up a primal part of my soul; the guitar, horns, and vocals slip in at the right moments to create harmony.

I'm transported to the beach,
around a fire under an ocean of stars.
I dance and spin circles under the pulsing moon.
With closed eyes,
this body surrenders to the music,
moves with it,
feels cool air–
the sea through my fingertips,
wrapped around my whole being.

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What a wonderful, magical

What a wonderful, magical image.

I, too, love music.

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Glad you enjoyed the image,

Glad you enjoyed the image, Katherine.

Music is amazing, isn't it? So many different places it can take us.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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I love Santana too. There's something hypnotic about it and you captured the feeling.

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Hi Anne, When I was a young

Hi Anne, When I was a young girl, the first Santana song that captured me was Jingo. I would put the record on and dance around the house when no one was around. It's still one of my favorite songs and I still dance when I put it on.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting.