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Tarot Card – Fortune

Tarot Card – Fortune

“The principle of opportunity, breakthrough and prosperity.”

I gaze at this card, lose myself as I swim in the purple ocean amongst a grand display of fireworks of lavender and tangerine—swirls, and lightening bolts splayed out to bright stars—and there in the center, the wheel of fortune, sun in its center, guided by the Sphinx, Monkey, and Crocodile. I am there in the purple sea, looking outward from within the great wheel of fortune. I spin and explode inside and feel the millions of stars inside of me spilling out like confetti as I continue to swim and feel the lightness—of floating under the purple sky.

“This symbol reminds us that like the goddess Fortuna in Roman mythology that we can turn our lives in more fortunate and positive directions by being objective like the Sphinx, flexible like the monkey, and reaching for new opportunities and ways to express our creative power like the crocodile."

When I flipped this card over this morning, I was immediately pleased to see before me movement, excitement, creativity—there to be seized upon with a watchful eye and willingness to move toward opportunities that present themselves. I needed this card today for its positive energy and light.

If you land here, I hope you too will feel the energy of this card.


I took a photo of the card and have displayed it here. The Tarot deck that I always use is the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot. The deck was designed by Crowley and painted by Frieda Harris. The deck is quite a beautiful collection of symbolism and artistry. 

Quotes are from The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols by Angeles Arrien.

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Rebbecca, What I see as I


What I see as I stare at that card is the calm beauty, and the raw power.

To me it is a beautiful symbol of the sacred feminine. The blues draw you in, the swirls like a warm salt water bath of the womb. They caress and envelop you.

The power is in both the wheel and the animals, mainly the sphinx like creature. Such power in that pose. She looks serene, but those powerful haunches could spring up to defend at a moment's notice. 

Thank you for sharing this card. I am now intrigued and wish to explore each one.


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Annette, Your description of

Annette, Your description of the card is lovely, and I can see that you were swept into its beauty.

Thanks for having a look and sharing.