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Sunday ~ One Track Mind for the Moment…Harry Potter, Giggle Fit, Magic Journal

Sunday I hardly left the bed. I read for twelve hours straight, except for food and drink breaks; I was so absorbed in the fourth Harry Potter book, as with all the previous books, and I am now onto the fifth book.

From book four, I would be ecstatic if one day a real Pensieve were invented. Can you imagine having a place to put your excess thoughts when your mind becomes too full, to pull those thoughts by way of a magic wand, place them into a basin and examine them later in visual form—I’m dreaming, of course. I am so enchanted with the fantasy world at this moment.

I suppose what I would like is something along these lines, a journal—a magic journal— that you can feed other journals into or single pages of your thoughts and have them organize themselves by theme or in any way you’d like, much like a computer filing system or blog tagging system, but I’d like the journal to have the ability to sort itself out and maybe if I was looking for a particular pattern or patterns, it would be easier to find, rather than going back over documents on the computers that I didn’t name properly, or sifting through old journals that don’t connect easily with other journals unless I start ripping pages out and rearranging manually.

Last night when I was almost done with the Potter book, my significant was going to the store and asked me about dinner. I had a giggle fit and he told me that I needed some fresh air. He was probably right. I had been satisfied with lunch and was still full and because of that I had assumed his eating pattern would follow mine. And before bed, I couldn’t get the story out of my head. I kept thinking about what was going to happen next. I was consumed since I was only able to read the first chapter of the fifth book last night because it’s included at the end of the fourth e-book. The library didn’t have the fifth book available for download, so today I’m going to go in and get the paper copy. I wanted so much to read on, but didn’t want to purchase an e-copy, knowing the library has it.

J. K. Rowling is a master at creating tension and making the reader want to know what’s going to happen next. She’s just an all around gifted storyteller and writer with a vivid imagination. She makes me appreciate and understand how a book can be written successfully scene-by-scene and every question and curiosity that I have gets answered in succeeding chapters.

Rarely do I stick to one book and shut the others out, but I haven’t wanted to break my momentum, and I’m enjoying the journey very much!

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Reb,    Loved the Harry


   Loved the Harry Potter books...have re-read them more times than I can recall.  Rowling does spin a great tale, and she manages it so well.  I am reading her newest novel, A Casual Vacancy, right now.  While enjoyable, it doesn't have the Harry Potter magic. 

  I wish I had your magical cataloging files, too.  I could use them.  Enjoy the rest of the books.  I know you will. ~nan

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Nan, The Harry Potter books

Nan, The Harry Potter books have far exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure I would like them and I resisted for years before finally cracking the first book. Hmm…maybe I’ll have to check out her newest novel.

Thanks…book five just became available for download from the library today. I checked out the huge book, but didn’t find the book as cozy as my Kindle. It’s too darn big.

I forgot to mention that I finally read Atlas Shrugged a few months back. I absolutely fell in love with her book and sped through it once I hit a certain point. I can see why it’s one of your favorites. It’s on my top ten list of favorite books. I want to read The Fountainhead as well. Still need to get back to We the Living.

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There are so many wonderful,

There are so many wonderful, magical devices in Harry Potter that I wish we had access to in the real world. 

I loved the pensieve. And I loved the mirror that Harry could see what he most desired, his parents.

I am ready to re-read those books again. JK Rowling was masterful at creating a story that sticks with you forever.


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So true, Annette…magical

So true, Annette…magical devices and lot’s of interesting and wonderful characters—love those owls. Ron’s little owl, “Pig” makes me laugh. He has so much young energy compared to Harry’s more mature owl. And, yes, the mirror was wonderful too.

Have fun when you get around to re-reading the books!

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So true, Annette…magical

So true, Annette…magical devices and lot’s of interesting and wonderful characters—love those owls. Ron’s little owl, “Pig” makes me laugh. He has so much young energy compared to Harry’s more mature owl. And, yes, the mirror was wonderful too.

Have fun when you get around to re-reading the books!

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I've heard rumors of...

a boy named Harry Potter, but never met him.  I am soooo behind!  Now I'm inspired and must begin my Hogwartsian journey!  ~M


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I must say, Mara, I never

I must say, Mara, I never planned on reading the Harry Potter books EVER. There was too much hype for my sensibilities at the time, and I thought what could all the fuss be about. I did enjoy the first movie, but still had no interest in reading the books. So, I’m glad that time went on, the craze settled, and I was able to enter on my own terms with a deep curiosity, thinking that if I were able to become engrossed, I would likely only read the first book. It’s been a great journey filled with surprises and fun. I would be interested to see how you get on with your Hogwartsian journey when the time comes. : )

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I love books that keep me stuck

I can really only think of two books that resulted in me shutting out the real world/or skipping sleep all together.

The first was davinci code and I spent that whole book running back and forth between my bed and the computer to see if I could pull up the pictures and find theclues

The second was 1q84 ...that deprived me of two days worth of sleep because it was always "one more chapter one more chapter"

I will give the harry Potter series another shot after reading your blog.

As for magic powers....magic spells that clean up your house a la the Fantasia...

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Yes, it's a great feeling,

Yes, it's a great feeling, isn't it, Josh...it's my first time reading a whole series, well almost. I'm almost finished. I've felt so close to the characters and have been absolutely deep inside the world between these pages. I'm sad that it's nearing the end. I'm thinking of reading Lord of the Rings soon. But I have another book first that I'm finally prepared and ready for.

I could use a House Elf as well to help me do certain cleaning tasks I don't care much for and to guard my secrets. They can do so much.

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Joshua,    In Harry Potter,


   In Harry Potter, at least in the Weasley household, they do clean up your house (or at least scrub the dishes, throw ingredients in the pot, etc).  I presume it happens in other households, but that's the one always seen.  Then, of course, house elves help (if treated humanely, even better). ~nan

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I really need house elves...I

I really need house elves...I will treat them very well ...

Sadly my apartment is not cleaned by any magic , this is a grave injustice.