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One of my Treasures
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It feels good to be awake early this morning. The past few weeks I've wanted to continue sleeping; and I have, waking up later than usual.

Saturday has arrived bringing with it a calm and sense of relief.

I wanted to share a photo that I took about a month ago. It's one of those faces I was talking about yesterday. A nearby library that I enjoy visiting has a drive thru book return. I've gone through this book return countless times. On this day, a month back, I must have been in a slower mode, so that I could step back, see the book return from a different vantage point. I usually have to get out of my car because it's a long stretch to push the buttons and place the books on the belt that pulls the books through to their destination with other books, waiting for re-shelving. As I began getting out of the car, I saw a face looking back at me. I smiled, then I laughed. Finally, I had to take a photo.

One of the beauties in life is that simple moments like this can bring such unexpected joy.

As I look at the photo this morning, I realize that the face is a familiar one. One of my father's–my real father–used to build me beautiful creations out of wood. A cabinet maker by trade, he was a true craftsman and artist. Looking at this face, I remember a family of wooden dolls that he made for me. They were beautiful wooden blocks that he had cut, putting together a family, all with smiling faces, moveable arms and legs, and a rich coating of wood stain that brought out the beauty in the wood–a human family that brought me comfort and joy.

Whenever I smell sawdust or freshly cut wood, I think of him in his wood shop, creating.

I wish I still had those dolls. Even though they are gone, and he is gone, I remember the love that he put forth in all the creations that he built for me. I was able to keep and take one item with me, and it rests in my closet where I can see it. It's a small wooden treasure chest that my father built for me, where I store my special treasures.

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Rebb, it is a wonderful photo but much interesting is your recollection of a memorable time you had spent with your father.I wish you for such more moments that bring back the old time to present life.

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Hi Jitu, Thank you for your

Hi Jitu, Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think there may be a few more moments packed away somewhere to bring to the present.

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I love the face and the

I love the face and the memory it inspired.


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Thanks, Annette. I was

Thanks, Annette. I was pleasantly surprised at the memory that this face inspired much later thank when I first took the photo.

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What a lovely piece, and such

What a lovely piece, and such a warm memory.  I also love the smell of wood.  I once bought a round wooden candle holder as a wedding present for some friends but the scent of it was so comforting, I kept unwrapping it and holding it, inhaling it, and touching the smooth surface.  In the end, I bought my friends something else, and kept the candle holder.

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Thanks, Katherine. I'm glad

Thanks, Katherine. I'm glad you kept the candle holder.