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Night Waves

Waves crash in the night, reflecting the light of the full moon. Sabine walks on the beach’s edge pondering love. Two kinds: love that smothers and love that let’s go. Many thoughts ebb and flow through her consciousness with the crashing of the waves. She feels the mist on her face and the taste of salt upon her lips, as her feet melt into sand crystals. She is alone on the beach.

She sees the patterns—they stare back at her; the reel turning all different ways, upside down, forward, sideways, zig zag. The flash goes off, a million tiny flashes twinkling in the sky, pulsing through her body.

The bottom of her white flowing skirt is becoming wet from the thunderous waves. Her long brown hair blows ever so soft in the wind, circling her shoulders. She takes the bottom of her skirt in her hands and runs into the ocean. Once in the water, she begins to strip her clothes from her body. She doesn’t need them any longer. She swims out and twirls around. As she swims still further, all that is visible in the distance is a shimmering on the ocean’s surface where she dances in and out of the sea.

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nice journal post

Beautiful visuals...can see it all in my mind.  Thanks for sharing it; is it part of a longer story?  If so, I'd love to read it. ~nan

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Thank you, Nan. You know…I’ve

Thank you, Nan. You know…I’ve think it may be. After I wrote this, I did have a sense that is was the start of a larger piece, and then reading your comment was encouraging. I’m wondering if this is going to be a novella. I am going to try and come back to this, to step out of the way and allow the character to take from me what she can that needs to get out on the page and for her to tell the story. This will be a first. I hadn’t imagined myself writing a novella or maybe I have. I’ve imagined short stories, but I don’t see myself as a writer of fiction, but…whatever it is, I can see it a little clearer now: I’m going to write that which I never imagined I could.

Thanks so much for reading and for your encouraging words.

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Rebbecca, Love this! It's


Love this! It's very easy to picture the whole scene. You go girl!


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  Annette, Thank you! Little



Thank you! Little by little it seems I may be surrendering to writing fiction, perhaps a longer piece than I thought possible is in the works. I have a good feeling in my bones! Now, I will have to create a file on my computer, name it, “novella – work in progress,” and make it happen. I must say it’s both exciting and scary. Oh, but bah to the scardy cat! Life is made of dreams and imagination—and maybe a little bit of fairy dust!

Thanks for reading.


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You don't need fairy dust.

You don't need fairy dust. You have talent and an incredible control of the words and that is far better than fairy dust. If you said that scene was something you saw and not fiction, I would believe you...it was that good and realistic.

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Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind words, Joshua. I appreciate them very much.

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Reb,  I say: "Go for it!"  I


  I say: "Go for it!"  I think it has all the makings of the beginnings of a novella.  The two kinds of love, etc. Just do it...a page at a time and before you know it, it will no longer be a work-in-progress but completed! ~nan

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Thanks so much, Nan. The way

Thanks so much, Nan. The way you frame it, makes it seem possible. Hopefully I can do it! At least I'm a step closer in seeing that if I think I can make it happen, and I set aside the time, then the rest will follow. Thanks for your support!

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Very cool beginning -

I loved this flow. It embraced me, taking me into the scene and the water. I want to know more.  I hope you write more. Keep going.


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Thanks very much for reading,

Thanks very much for reading, Michael. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. I'll have to take Nan's advice and work at it a little at a time until it blossoms.

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If you want my opinion Rebb,

If you want my opinion Rebb, I think this piece should be on the final page of your work and not at the beginning. m

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It’s funny you should say

It’s funny you should say that, Mary. As I’ve been mulling this scene over in my head, imagining where it belongs, I thought the same thing.  I haven’t written any more, but I’ve sure thought about it a lot. It may have to put it away for a time. I think once I’ve organized something in my head, I may first jot down an outline to provide some structure. The beginning will be, not a beginning, but put right in the middle of the action. I remember taking the script writing class that I did not finish, but I have a scene—only a paragraph long—that may be my beginning.

I’m glad you shared your opinion—thank you.