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New Orleans ~ Thinking

New Orleans…Sometimes one of the most enjoyable parts of taking a trip is the anticipation and the reading and research of a destination. I have never taken a solo trip to any destination; this will be my first, as well as my first time visiting this rich city, and I must say I feel a great sense of courage and excitement because years ago or even months ago, this wouldn’t be something I would dream of. So, it’s a big deal for me.

I haven’t booked it yet, but know that it’s in the near distant future, and I will stay for three nights. I have looked at some potential activities to do and have scoped out bookstores online to visit in the flesh. I know that I will not be out late at night by myself, especially on Bourbon street, unless of course, there are crowds around. I am not going to plan all of the activities and will leave my days open for chance. I imagine walking the streets, and at least taking a walking tour to learn more about the history. I imagine I’ll take the St. Charles Avenue Street Car to the Garden District and view the beautiful homes. I also imagine participating in a demonstration at the cooking school where I would get to see and taste. I will always have my notebook handy and see myself spending time in many a coffee shop, book browsing in a local bookshop, or on a park bench, recording whatever comes to me.

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Oh, enjoy, Rebb! My son went

Oh, enjoy, Rebb! My son went to school in New Orleans, at Tulane, so I visited there three times. Wish it were more!

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Thank you so much, Jodi! I

Thank you so much, Jodi! I just had a look at the Tulane website. What a wonderful university. It makes me want to attend.  If I have time, I may try to visit while I am there and check out the campus. If not this time, maybe another time. I have this feeling, this will not be my last trip to New Orleans. Hope you get to go again!

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It's a rather small campus,

It's a rather small campus, actually, but right across the street from Audubon Park and Zoo. I'd suggest Royale St. in the Quarter as an alternative to Bourbon, one street over. Don't miss the Garden District and Magazine Street. I never got on a cemetery tour, so I have to go back some day!

Have a wonderful time! 

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I love a small campus, so it

I love a small campus, so it sounds perfect. Thanks for the suggestion on Royale St. and the other tips. I added them to my notes file. A cemetery tour sounds great. Yes, I understand there is so much to see and explore, so you will always have something to pull you back one day and maybe more!

Thank you, Jodi!

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Lovely attitude to travel

Lovely attitude to travel Rebb. Enjoy. Can I join you in the cooking class? That sounds like fun! As for solo, well, solo is fantastic, you get to call the shots. m

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Thanks, m. Yes, doesn't the

Thanks, m. Yes, doesn't the cooking class sound like fun? Hopefully I do fit it in. I will think of you, since you are the Super Star Chef! There is something to getting to call all the shots.

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Your report

We will look forward to your report. Have only been there once -- as a tourist with Gerald and his brother Garry and wife Ginger--before her stroke that took away her short-term memory. Nevertheless, we were't too mentally sharp back then with all our faculties--Ginger and I were in the backseat giving the men directions only to find we had the map upside down. Somehow we asked directions from these guys in the truck ahead of us. There were three or four of them standing on the truck bed. They led us through some part of the city with great excitement and much gesturing and arm waving to follow them. They got us to wherever we were going, and we felt very welcome to their city.

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What an adventurous way to

What an adventurous way to begin your trip, Sue. That's funny that you gals had the map upside down. I'm not renting a car for this trip, so if I get lost it will be within the city streets. It's nice they got you to were you were going; doesn't always happen that way. I'm already starting to get that welcome feeling to their city.