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New Orleans Sunshine

Already miss the warm wrap of the humid heat, and the mighty Mississippi, miss the sound of the horns, the trot-trot  of the horse and buggy carriage escorting the tourists through the quarter, the smell of gumbo cooking, freshly washed streets of the morning. Short stay, yet managed to walk many blocks, getting pleasantly lost and sidetracked and backtracked.

And yet, all of it feels sealed inside, still absorbing it into my veins, yet I feel like a little part of me was at home there, still there.  Felt like a local, even with my backpack slung over shoulders. What a pleasure, though, that two locals did in fact take me for one of them. One in particular, that was most friendly…we had a few chuckles, as we saw tourists walk into the tiny bar mid-day. He made a comment about their backpacks, and carrying their cameras in hand, taking pictures right away—it was a good sign of a tourist. I laughed and said, I have my backpack too, but its under my feet, camera’s in there too. But now that they’re taking pictures, I may as well take some too. He laughed. “Don’t forget to get that sign over there,” he said. “Everyone likes to get a picture of that.”

“Hey look at that guy over there. He’s taking a picture of his food,” he said. And this isn’t a fancy bar mind you. He wasn’t being mean in the least, but it was great to be in on his observations and story, and we had many good laughs.

I looked familiar to him. “You have a twin over here,” he said. I smiled. I was  about done with my beer. He wanted the next one to be on him. I was in the process of saying no, only because I can be a lightweight, but then I thought, what the heck, I can’t close the door on generosity and kindness. I had my share of gumbos, so I had a platter of potato skins in my system to absorb another light beer.

I felt like I was in a New Orleans equivalent of Cheers. Everyone knew everyone. He shared the ins and outs of some of the other locals that sat nearby, who had left, about his family, etc. I asked him about the resiliency of the people here.  He said that, “Sure when his mother lost her home to Katrina they were feeling it. She lost literally everything, but he like some others, said, “You gotta move on.” It was one of the highlights of my trip, Just being a local for a while.


A side note/prayer: I pray that they get the oil spill contained—under control. Even though these folks seem to bounce back, this is too huge. It effects so many living creatures, people, etc. I send prayers out from my little world. At this point, it feels as though it’s going to take a miracle to bring this spill under control.


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WOW -Great descriptive blog!

Dear Rebecca,

I always read your blogs. You are very creative, talented, and sweet. I hope that doesn't sound strange. However, in all of your blogs and comments,you express the right sentiments in a very delicate and heartwarming manner.Even your picture denotes kindness and refinement.
A few weeks back I wanted to comment on your blog about some of your teachers' assessments of your writing skills. The blog really brought out the Mother and/or Grandmother in me.Add the Protective force that develops when we become Red Room members because I became "fighting mad." How could they I thought! No one could or should have questioned how talented you are.My daughters advised me to relax because it was very obvious that you are so very talented and that their untrue and unfair comments did not stop a very promising writing career. They reminded me that sometimes we have to develop alligator skin to survive.
I will always look forward to your blogs. To copy your words,(I hope that you don't mind)your thoughtful expressions are sealed inside many of us. (You definitely have a way with words!)

Have a great day, Rebecca!

Mary Walsh

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Dear Mary, Thank you so much

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It doesn't sound strange at all, and I had no idea that you read me, so it's a pleasure to see you here. I appreciate you sharing your reactions to my 'teacher' blog, your protective force, and in turn your daughters wise words. Yes, sometimes we do need to "develop alligator skin to survive,"--I love how she put that--as long as we maintain that soft underbelly to share with those we trust :).

Thanks again, Mary. You made my day by stepping out and sharing your words.

Have a beautiful day!


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Just love that first

Just love that first sentence that draws me in. So honest and fresh. You store your experiences well, Rebb, and bring them out well-formed to share. ~M
(And you can't go wrong with Mary Walsh in your corner!)

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I'm so glad you were drawn

I'm so glad you were drawn in, Mara. Thanks so much for reading me and for your words that always make me see what I need to see :)
(Yes, Mary Walsh is great!)

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I recall your blog about

I recall your blog about planning to visit and I am glad you did! Was the Gumbo good and how about some pictures Rebb? And the million dollar question, would you go back? m

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Yes, m, I finally made it!

Yes, m, I finally made it! Hurray. I was going to go in July and then for several different reasons and hunches, decided May would be better. The Gumbo was excellent, especially from the New Orleans School of Cooking Demonstration. I was going to blog about it, but I am literally still digesting the whole trip. It was a wonderful whirlwind. I took about 800+ pictures and even that is overwhelming to organize. Many didn't come out but I'm glad I snapped away. I even almost fell off my bike on a tour. I didn't want to be obvious, so I tried to twist around to get a cute picture of a local riding his bike with his adorable  dog running by his side with what looked a big smile on his face, but I didn't get it.

Oh, yes, I will go back, for sure! I would actually like to go back for Christmas when they celebrate Papa Noel (Christmas New Orleans style). You can imagine...I believe it's a month long event, beginning in November and sometimes going into January. It sounds splendid, lit up with lights, carolers, festivities abound! I'll have to see how the piggy bank's doing and plan accordingly :) Maybe next year.

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Oh, I would kill (Oh how I

Oh, I would kill (Oh how I hate that expression) for a coffee and a beignet at the Cafe Du Monde right now. Naw'lins is my spiritual home. Thanks for the transport.

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Mmm, now you've got me

Mmm, now you've got me aching for a coffee and beignet, Ron. It was my first trip there, and I did indeed fall in love with Naw’lins! Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you were transported.